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Vermont Powerwalls

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To note, the Powerwall rocks.

But somehow, the Investor Owned Utility in Vermont - Green Mountain Power, has changed the laws to capture the value.

First, they rescinded time of use pricing. And now they have "partnered" with Tesla to insert themselves into the Tesla designed leasing programme and eat the profits.

We all understand that Energy storage is a key technology for enabling 100% renewables, grid resilience, and more. In states like NY, IOUs are mandated to develop storage.

But now if I give GMP $3,000, they will put 2 powerwall on my house for 10years... that they control as their storage device. I get the benefit of whatever's left during a black out. Pretty smart to obligate customers to pay for grid storage like that.. but a scam nonetheless.

Listen up Tesla, keep the powerwalls residential, and sell the IOUs their own commercial storage massive energy storage. This "decentralized" commercial storage scam is a scam. It is going to backfire on your residential market.


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    Wow, sorry to hear about your experience with Green Mountain Power. I agree with your points, that this is a scam to screw residential customers. We ave two PW2’s installed in June 2018 in Edmonds, WA, and our utility does not interfere with our storage. We are able to operate independent of grid with our power walls for nine months of the year with our 13.2 kWh solar system. I would hope that Tesla does not partner with utilities like they have done in Vermont. I would let Tesla know that this will backfire if enacted broadly.
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    @Tesla-David wow- with 2 powerwalls you have cut from the grid? Magnificent- do you also drive EV? how much snow in the winter?
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    With only 27kWh of storage in two PWs, I'm guessing that David doesn't have an EV. My Bolt has a 60kWh battery, and Tesla vehicles have even larger ones available.
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    And just today, GMP has been sold 100% to NOVERCO, a Canadian investment holding company. Meaning, wait for it, 39% of GMP is now owned by Enbridge (The Canadian Oil & Gas company that owns operations in the Alberta tar sands. As "invester owned utilities" get closer to capturing the transportation energy load, I am afraid we are going to see more of this strategy.
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