2019 Tesla Meetup Group | Asheville, NC | Blue Ridge Parkway

Hey guys, just wanted to post a fun time all of us tesla owners had at the annual Tesla Drive in Asheville, NC on the famous Blue Ridge Parkway this past weekend. If your'e in the area, join us next year for another round of fun!


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    Thanks for posting. I was disappointed to find no news coverage, considering there was more than double the amount of EVs in town than they had last year.i am hoping more of you post your videos and pics here. It is a beautiful area of the country. I feel fortunate that a few friends shared their amazing videos. Looks like may have had 90+ Tesla's.

    I had to settle for my first Sound of Silence trip to be two weeks late in order to accommodate Skye's school schedule. Fir the Blue Ridge Tesla road trip, I showed up two weeks too early by a stupid mix up ony calendar, any excuses for that mixup would only make me look like a bigger idiot. I just hope I don't find another rally in North America to drool over and miss. Ugh
  • @sklancha hope to see you next year at the event!
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