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My Tesla Solar/Powerwall Journey in Florida

May 7 2019-Called Tesla to get a quote on Solar and Powerwalls at the house.
Spoke to Julissa who directed me to the website to size out the system I was considering. After going through the wizard and paying the $99 deposit I received a confirmation email stating my Solar Design is underway.
May 9 2019- Received email from Armand that they needed additional steps for my Powerwall setup. Including pictures of the meter, Main Electrical panel, and subpanels, AC units, and any pumps. Which I provided on 10 May. Later that day I received an email that my assessment was scheduled for 12 May.

May 12- Technician came out for the assessment. He was unable to complete it because my Main breaker is a commercial 300amp breaker and he was not authorized to open it. They then sent one of the project managers out to look at and asses the breaker.

May 24-Received an email to approve my final system design. After some back and forth on the size and design we landed on a HUGE system to offset my electrical at the house which would require approval from the Utility and a transformer upgrade. Although my house is the only house on the transformer at the street. I was told that could take up to 6 months to get approved if not longer. I was given the option however, to downsize the system to below the Utility Approval limit and we could move ahead with the purchase. I replied on June 19 and we landed at a 19.785Kwh system, and 3 powerwalls.

June 24- Received an email that the system was ready to review and to make arrangements for payment (finance or cash). I also received my Interconnection agreements to compete and return.

June 25- Returned all documents including the ones mailed to me that needed to be notarized.

July 9- John my advisor handed me off to Chris my experience specialist. I was also informed I needed to increase my liability limits on my homeowners insurance to meet Utility requirements for a system this size.

July 11- First contact with Chris requesting an update declaration page. Which I forwarded on July 27th after some confusion about what he was asking for.

August 2- Reached out to Tesla to see if I could get an estimate on installation date. I was told permitting would be 3-4 weeks and an additional 3 weeks for scheduling. After hearing the delays from folks on the forum, I thought 6-7 weeks wasn’t too bad….So I waited.

August 6- Received a call from Chris that Tesla needed to take another look at my roof, because there was no record of its condition in the previous assessments.

August 10- New technician came to walk on the roof for 15 minutes….all OK….

August 20- Received a call from Chris that my installation was scheduled for 23 September & 24 September.

September 3-Received a call from Tesla to see if I could move my installation up to 6 September & 7 September because they had technicians available. I Agreed!!!!!

September 6- Technicians show up in two box trucks, one for inside electrical and powerwall work and one for roof solar setup with 6 technicians evenly split.

September 7- Solar team return to install second array and test the system. All clear….now we wait (not my strong suit).

September 12- I called Tesla to see if my inspection had been scheduled…it had not, so after speaking with Ashley I received an email that the county inspection was scheduled for 16 September.

September 16-The inspector showed up looked at the electrical panels and put a green sticker on the meter box (15 minutes)
September 19- Emailed Chris to see if the utility had been contacted about installing the new meter. Was informed that they were still waiting on the results of the inspection and needed 2 pictures of the disconnect and meter boxes with the placards on them. I obliged and sent the pictures the same day.
Later that day I received an email from the utility that the interconnection agreement had been received and they were waiting on payment to proceed.

September 24- Reached out to Chris to see if payment had been sent to the utility. He informed me the check had been approved and would be in the mail 25 September.

All in all the process has been pretty smooth. I was seriously concerned reading the forum about delays and Conduit running everywhere on my house...Luckily, I have one conduit connecting the two arrays together which they painted black to match my roof and the conduits that connect the powerwalls to the breaker boxes which all run vertically into the attic and down to the boxes. All the breakers and PowerWalls are inside the garage on one wall, the only thing outside is the disconnect. The installers were top notch, Now I am just waiting on the PTO from the utility.


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    Now that’s a big badass microgrid - congrats Chris! Enjoy.
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    You're so persistent, I'm immpressed! Congrats!
    I' just can't make myself start the boll rolling..
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    Congratulations and thanks for posting your positive experience. Hope your your utility gives you the PTO, so everything gets turned on.

    I had 13.2 kWh solar installed in 2012 and two PW2’s installed in June 2018. We were fortunate to get our utility inspection and approval the very day our PW2 installation was completed, and got turned on by 3 p.m. that afternoon. We absolutely love how well the PW2’s have performed in self powered mode. We have not used any grid energy since mid February this year. Incredible product IMPO.
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    All paper work completed 10-01-2019, still waiting for the installation date. Anyone offer a contact #
    [email protected]
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