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Why does my system sell to the grid before my Powerwalls are charged?

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Hi Everyone - I have a new system that is smaller than I wish it were (due to a roof that couldn't not fit as many panels as we could use). I'm barely able to charge my Powerwalls each day so that we can use them for power when the sun goes down.

Every once in a while I notice that, even though my Powerwalls are not fully charged, my system starts sending energy to the grid. I'd like all my solar power to go to my Powerwalls before sending anything to the grid.

Does anyone know why this happens?

Thank you!


  • Mine did this after being installed. Turns out one of my powerwalls was faulty. Tesla had to replace it. When you’re standing in front of them, do you notice the green light pulsing on each powerwall? Or is the light just solid green? The faulty powerwall did not pulse. When I turned the faulty one off, the other powerwall worked as it should. With both turned on, it would just dump energy to the grid and they would never fully charge.
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    Good to know. Thanks, @shawn!
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    @lilbean, no problem.
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    @shawncordell, nice meeting your family this weekend at the NDEW event.
    Nice unicorn your driving. I forgot, are you tie to a Coop? If not, who's your provider?
    I have to select a new one or keep my current provider. Getting wheels powdercoated?

    @lilbean, you have a solar system?
  • @ Nwfan it was great meeting you, too! We really enjoyed the event. No, I’m not tied to a Coop. I’m with Oncor but Green Mountain Energy is the retailer - they are the best I’ve found. Check them out!
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    Almost forgot, I haven’t gotten my wheels powder coated yet. I told my buddy about them and they are doing his Porsche.
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