New Jersey

Electric Company Preventing Powerwall Installation

I recently requested two Powerwalls to be installed on my existing tesla solar system and was denied by the electric company due to a close circuit power supply limitation on the grid.

If the intent of the Powerwall is to provide backup electricity storage not generate similar to if I were to purchase a backup gas generator and I am not adding more panels or sending more electricity to the grid; how does this affect the grid limitation. I should be sending less energy to the grid since I will be using my existing solar to charge the Powerwall. I am questioning the reason why I can’t have a backup system in the event of a power outage which occurs in my area during bad weather. Has anyone experience this with their electric company preventing installation for a backup system?

My Tesla rep could not give me an answer.


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    I'm in SoCal and my install is in limbo because the city refuses to sign off on the main panel upgrade. Pure evil. Once I get that signed off, the next step is to install the Powerwalls. Meanwhile, my solar panels have been disconnected for two months and counting. Shame!
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