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Convert Slacker custom playlists to Spotify using Soundiiz

Got V10 this morning and signed up for Spotify Premium. Then used Soundiiz to convert my Slacker Premium custom playlists to Spotify. You can also pull in song titles from other music sources via Soundiiz.

You don't need the paid version of Soundiiz as the free version will convert one playlist at a time. Took me about 30 minutes to convert my entire Slacker collection. About 3% of my song titles would not convert due to the titles not matching exactly, but it was easy to search Spotify and manually add them back in. Also, about 8% of my songs had newer remastered versions on Spotify, but the original versions got added. It's a matter of searching song titles manually to see if a newer remastered version is available.

Finally, because Soundiiz requires your account password for both Slacker and Spotify, I deleted my Slacker account and renamed the password on my Spotify account. Also, re-check your Tesla sound equalizer and balance adjustments as mine changed with the V10 update.


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    does Spotify sound like better quality streaming than Slacker or the same?
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    I just listened to Money for Nothing by Dire Straits which is my go to song for adjusting the equalizer & balance. I don't know what the bit-rate is, but I'd say it sounds better than Slacker. I have no complaints about this sound system :)
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    I never had complaints either....But was told Slacker is like 120 and premium spotify was like 320.....Hopefully we can stream at a higher rate than Slacker.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Interesting. Haven't used soundiiz, but is there any chance you can load an itunes play list into Spotify?
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    I used this from Pandora to slacker last year, and will probably look at doing Spotify this weekend. Gotta see what hubby wants to do. I know he's sometimes disappointed with slacker not finding songs, or setting up a "station" with just one artist, so he may want to try it. I'm indifferent.
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    @ hokiegir1 Spotify has first three months free, then $9.99/month. Since you can run both Slacker & Spotify on V10, you have nothing to lose by trying it out.
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    @cascadiadesign - I saw that. :) Will probably give it a shot this weekend. We hadn't gotten the update when I posted earlier, but now it's worth checking.
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    I have a bunch of songs stored on my phones micro sd card that I play over bluetooth on long roadtrips. I recorded them at a really high bitrate. Does bluetooth play them back at the same rate or does it play them at a lower rate? If I took the sd card and put it into the usb port with an adapter would it sound a lot better? Im used to drivng convertibles with am/fm radios in the past so anything sounds better than that.
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    I know another great tool to perform such task. It is called "<b>MusConv Tool</b>" and I highly recommend this one because I have great personal experience of using this wonderful tool. Hopefully you will like it as well :)
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    I have used "MusConv" also, to transfer all my Spotify playlists to Apple Music. I suggest you try using MusConv. It's a great tool to transfer your music.
  • Thanks for your sharing. I would share another method with you. That is to use Tunelf Spotify Music Converter to download and convert Spotify music to MP3. Then you can play Spotify music anywhere and transfer Spotify music to other streaming music services.
  • I have been using AudKit Spotify to MP3 Converter( for a long time. It is easy to use it to download and listen to Spotify songs in my Model 3 without Spotify Premium. Maybe you can try it out.
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