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12 volt battery disconnected

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New message says "12 volt battery has been disconnected". Called service, they sent a tow truck and car was hauled to service center.

Just one more electrical problem. Last time, car was in shop for 3 1/2 weeks to fix problem with microphone.


  • Good thing it happened under warranty.
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    What were the circumstances? Sitting a long time?
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    Car is driven every day. Charged previous night to 80%. 4500 miles. I'll find out tomorrow what caused the message (hopefully).
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    Fingers crossed that it's the 12V lead acid battery in your frunk and no more.
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    did you open the frunk and visually check if its disconnected? AAA changed my 12v battery on my 2007 Hybrid Highlander and today found that the negative terminal was lose and had almost disconnected..
  • Just had the same message on the way home from the office, so I parked the car in the garage, and searched for "12 volt battery has been disconnected" to get to this thread! Checked the 12 volt battery, and sure enough, the ground clamp was just a tad loose, and could be moved just slightly by hand! The last service was when the new computer (HW 3.0) was installed on July 22, just over 3 months ago! I tightened the ground clamp on the battery terminal, and then took the car out for a drive, all without any warning message about the 12 volt battery!
  • 2020 Model 3: got this message today. Called service, but thanks to this thread, decided to check the connections. The negative connection was loose enough to pull off with little effort. Tightened the connector, warning disappeared. Thanks!
  • I had the same problem about a year ago. I got a warning that there was a 12 volt battery problem and then it went away. I live only about 10 minutes from my local Service Center. So, I drove over there. As crowded as they were, they always have time to take a look at a problem. They scanned the car and then popped the frunk. It was a loose battery terminal. Problem solved!
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