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Spotify Profile associated to Tesla Driver Profile

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Thanks for the Spotify integration. I'm hoping for associating a Spotify account per Tesla Driver profile so I can enjoy the benefits of my library being available in Tesla and more importantly so Spotify won't stop playing on my devices when my wife is driving the car and I'm not in it.

When I initially tested I associated my Spotify login with the car to my Tesla profile. I tested and confirmed that Spotify will only play on one device at a time...pressing play on either device halts the other. This would be fine because I'm in the car and I don't need the phone and car to both play music.

I switched over to my wife's Tesla Profile and the same behavior was observed. I could play music on only one device. Not to mention, it is my library that she would see which is not her preference since she listens to her own music and podcasts.

My Undesirable Solution:

I created a Spotify Family Member for my Tesla and associated it to the car. I had to do this with my house music system, but that makes sense since the home is a shared resource that may listen to Spotify when neither of us our home. The car is guaranteed to have one of us driving it and we wish to have our personalized experience.

My Desired Solution:

Associate a Spotify account per Tesla profile, just like my seat settings and many other preferences in the Tesla console. Whichever profile is chosen on the console, that is the Spotify account used guaranteed to not have device conflict. During setup, Tesla could keep it the same, but have an "apply to all" profiles by default. If unchecked, the Spotify account would associate to the current Tesla profile. Switching over to another Tesla profile, the Spotify account would not be associated and would allow me to enter my wife's profile.

The end result:
* a personalized Spotify experience in the Tesla
* no device conflicts because the person driving
* no need to use a family member slot

Tesla product managers, designers and engineers are smart so of course you thought of this and perhaps even have it on the road map, but getting Spotify v1 out the door is faster as initially delivered in Tesla v10. I post this to confirm that to take advantage of why so many of us enjoy using Spotify for our entertainment provider, we'll need to see the Tesla Profile <--> Spotify Profile association.


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