Model X

V10 Bluetooth Music Playlists

Has anyone tried to connect via Bluetooth and play music from a playlist?

It doesn't work as noted in the release note. It only displays the tracks in a playlist if you are playing it.
I needed this and have been waiting for it since I bought my Model X last year. But it's not there yet. It needs further enhancement.
We need to see all the playlists and playlist folders and once we select one then see the tracks in them or play the playlist (shuffle or regular)
Tesla please complete this great initiative. It's almost there.

First you have to update to iOS13
then if you don't see the playlist tab when you select to play from your phone, you have to delete the phone from the car and add it again.
It only worked for me when I did that. It was not showing the tabs on the left before that.



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    I concur. This was reason enough for me to switch to Spotify.
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    I have a Samsung Note 9(android), when I switch to phone it brings up my playlist.
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    @abnranger76 It brings up your current playlist, but not your list of playlists correct? In other words, you have to choose your playlist on the phone, not on the car's screen.
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    How do you connect the YouTube playing on your iPhone with the Theater screen using Bluetooth?
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    @bill.hales - That's not the way it works. Bluetooth is way too slow for video. You connect via the car's WiFi to an access point to get video. No WiFi, no YouTube. Tesla is also rolling out free WiFi at Superchargers, but I suspect it could be years before all old SCs get WiFi.
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