Daily vs weekly charging

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Our M3 is generally only driven 15-30 miles per day. I usually charge it to 70% unless we are going on a longer trip. Typically I’ve recharged every few days when the battery drops < 50%. Is it better to charge everyday regardless of the battery level? On the other hand should I allow it to drop well under 50% sometimes before charging?


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    I’ve been told several times that a plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla. I only drive 15-30 miles a day as well and I just charge once a week. I used to plug inn every time I got home but it’s just easier for me to plug in once a week.
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    I plug in every 3-4 days. I have a 220V 16A charger at work and get about 150 miles of range when plugged in all day - since I drive about 300 or so miles/week 2-3 times per week does it for me! (and its FREE!!!)
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    And I believe keeping the battery between 30-80% is perfectly fine -- only fill up during longer trips!
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    I too was told to plug in daily.
    Have heard good things about plugging in only when you need a charge and doing it nightly.
    Have a suspicion that it may may have mattered in the past more than now.
    Personally, I plug in every night and let Georgia Power do their thing in the wee hours.
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