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Charging frequency

Our M3 is generally only driven 15-30 miles per day. I usually charge it to 70% unless we are going on a longer trip. Typically I’ve recharged every few days when the battery drops < 50%. Is it better to charge everyday regardless of the battery level? On the other hand should I allow it to drop well under 50% sometimes before charging?


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    just keep it plugged in while not in use
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    I charge mine when I get down to about 25% (~80 miles) on my Model 3 LR AWD, unless I know I have a longer trip ahead that will need more juice. My commute is ~20 miles each way with random traffic. I wait to avoid charging the same parts of the battery over and over, especially as I am not going that far. This works out well for me but for others it wouldn't. 25% is enough to me to get most places I would need to go if I forget to charge or need to head out last minute. Typically worst case is I have enough range to get where I am going and find a charger there (many parking garages around here have level 2 chargers and if I am going some place that requires 50-60 miles I will often be there for a few hours giving it time for me to fill up just enough for the return trip or more than make it to a super charger on my way home.

    I also have my car charge up to 90% (just under 280 miles), unless I am going on a longer trip. So this gives me about 200 miles between charges, or a week of commuting assuming I don't go anywhere else (so I typically end up plugging in every 3-4 days).

    I hope that helpful.
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