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Enhanced summon - proximity sensor failed

edited October 2019 in Model S
I used enhanced summon last Friday and the car went straight and hit a concrete lamp post in front of it. The dash cam clearly shows the lamp post in front of it and yet the proximity sensors did not work. From where I was standing, I saw it was going in front of the lamp post but was so confident it will stop as it has in the past. The car's autopilot works, the alerts and warnings works fine during normal driving. The obstacle warning is turned on. It's hard to believe how the sensor proximity didn't work this time. That could have been a person or a kid standing in front of it. The dash cam clearly shows the lamp post. This incident made me so paranoid not to trust the autopilot at all. I've used the reverse summon a lot in the past to get the car out of the garage. Now, I don't even dare attempt to use it again.

I thought maybe I'd post the incident here first before I post the video on you tube, twitter. I sent an email to Tesla last Saturday, Oct 5th and again this morning, Oct 7th but have not gotten any response. I'm on hold right now on the Tesla support line. It's been 40 mins and still holding.

Appreciate helpful feedback.



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