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Vancouver to Palm Desert Road Trip

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Our family did our second Vancouver BC to Palm Desert in August. This is the second time we have done this trip, the first being in 2015. For the most part we didn't have any issue finding open chargers. There are certainly more options than in 2015. The biggest difference we noticed this time was time it took to charge at Superchargers. In 2015 we were stopping on average 35 - 45 minutes. This time around we were stopping 45 min to over 1 hour. This added a lot of time to our trip.

The question I have is there anything I can do differently to reduce the time it takes to charge? Or is this a function or more people at chargers, wear and tear on chargers and my battery?

We are looking to do this again next year and are debating on whether we take our Model S.

Any advice is appreciated.


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    Check stall availability when choosing which supercharger to stop at, choose a non-paired stall upon arrival, travel on the lower part of the battery (avoid charging to high levels).
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    Flash and dash is your best bet. With the current density of SCs on that route you shouldn’t have to charge over 80% on any leg assuming you have an 85 kW batt.
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    We used the TESLA GPS and route planning to decide on where to stop and how long to charge. We charged up to the point where it said we had enough to proceed. Maybe that was a mistake.

    We did always choose non-paired stall when available.
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    I take a more seat-of-the-pants approach. I don't use the in-car suggestions; I simply input a reachable Supercharger, then charge enough to reach that SpC with 5-10% SOC (that level may vary according to weather conditions and/or one's squeaky bum factor). NKYTA's suggestion is the way to roll.
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