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Time of use

Is there a better explanation of time of use for solar?

I was just trying it out the other day and was confused why the battery is not being charged in off peak time. Instead solar was heading to the grid and house.
Also, need to have the car NOT charge after it is plugged as that is during peak time.
How can we get this added to the car's charging profile?


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    I’m not sure what you’re asking... but here is some explanation of time based control...
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    I'd go to the specific vehicle model discussions for the car question, and do a search. I strongly suspect that your question has been answered multiple times there. Always do a search before starting a new thread.
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    Not sure what's going on there in terms of the vehicle.I'm sure there's a TOU setting for the vehicle. There is for the PW2 but it's quite crude. There's basically 2 main settings as outlined in the documents with 3 rates Peak, shoulder and off-peak split into Weekdays and weekends.

    ******Please @Tesla*****Feature Request. Allow opening up of the TOU API to allow more granularity******

    Why? I have solar but in the UK there's an innovative TOU tariff from Octopus Energy which provides half hourly TOU cost over an API at 4:45pm or so each day for the following 24 hours. Using this and some simple logic they could control the PW2 to ensure that the PW is charged when TOU cost saving is enabled at the lowest cost and discharge during the peak hours. This will drive the sales of PW2 and maybe even mean they become an installer and sales outlet for your products....

    See octopus energy developer guide at

    for details of the Agile tariff see

    They also do an outbound Agile tariff for Solar and also storage which can help sell more PW by making them revenue making......

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    I have time of use metering here in Sydney Australia. Our power is extremely expensive. Recently my power retailer introduced special rates for electric vehicles. This means i have the following rate periods:- Peak, shoulder, off-peak, and special off-peak. The app only allows one to specify the peak and off peak periods (the shoulder periods are then assumed to be the remaining time.)
    Since the “special off-peak” period is between midnight and 4 am, and otherwise regular off-peak would be between 10pm and 7am, an extra rate needs to be programmed into the app.
    The special off-peak is half the price of regular off-peak and pre charging of the powerwall which now occurs to cover the morning shoulder and before sun up, should really occur during this 4 hour window.(I have submitted this request via powerwall support here in Australia, but it doesn’t hurt to publish it everywhere Tesla engineers might see it).
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