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Tesla Service Tyco Rd Tyson’s corner THE WORST

edited November -1 in Washington DC
I’ve been Tesla owner since 2012, Vin 12k, today we owned 2 model S 2018 and 2017, the service is becoming a nightmare, the Model S 100D 2018 drives only in sport like setting since 6 months ago, yes you can switch to comfort or normal but no changes is stuck it feels sport mode, I took the car twice and the first time worked fine for a month, now is back to sport “hardness” setting, switching between driving modes does not make a difference, I was told the car is fine because is between parameters. Then a rattle noise in the front suspension twice, first it was fixed, appears again and for the second time was fixed, fine. This is the problem, is not communication between customer and live person at Tyco’s Tesla, only the text ONE WAY if you replied no answer back, the phone number goes to full voicemail, I was sent a text to “pick up the car by 5:30pm or your voucher will be expired by the end of business day, I replied that I would be able the day after due I was on business trip, surely the canceled my voucher and I paid $50 dollars for Uber from DC to Tyco, and that’s it no one in Tesla to talk too, they are becoming the worst, I consider myself a Tesla fan but this is too much, the cars not cheap, so at least I expect and average custom service. Additionally no way to email or call Tesla headquarters to make them aware of this service problems, I hope is only Tyco’s service and not and endemic situation, because this is the first time since 2012 that I started to question my loyalty to the brand. I’ve been very supporting and understanding of the situation but is becoming unacceptable. Any feed back from Rockville service? I wonder if I should take my car over there.
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