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GOT My Model 3 Saturday, the 19th of October!!!!



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    My gorgeous wife POSING LOL
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    One of my sons checking out the trunk size. LOL
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    Some of you asked for the Sticker. Here it is!
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    So it's going to be a trunk or treat this year, huh?

    Scratch that, make it a frunk or treat ;)
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    Ha. It is 10:20 pm. I just uploaded pics for you guys. Now I am sitting in the car as it charges. Lol. Playing around and listening to the yankee game.
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    You sound just like me! Once you discover HULU and Netflix, you'll want to camp out in the car (if you can keep the kids from finding the video games). Seats are more comfortable than in my living room. Have the kids discovered the fart-cushion yet?
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    @rehutton, my kids are grown and out of the house. Not much of a video game guy. But I found Netflix and Google and the rest. Lol
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    Love how excited the whole fam is.
    ‘Kid’ in the trunk!

    Grab the wife and a glass of wine and sit with the fireplace on. It’s a lovely way to end your big day.
    Congrats again

    Still Grinning ;-)
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    @Pg3ibew big congrats on a great day! I love your enthusiasm and sincerity. Your photos put a huge smile on my face, thanks for letting us all participate in the excitement.
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    @Shemyne, my wife gave a hearty NO to the wine on the white seats. Lmao.
    @cos, thank you SOOO much. My enthusiasm can not be dimmed. Wifey and I are all smiles. Ear to ear!!! I have been a Tesla FANBOY for more than 5 years at this point. The car is PERFECT.
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    A thought or two about the car.
    2. I charged to 100 percent and got 235 miles.
    3. 1 minor inconvenience. I changed the phone charger to the wireless one bought from Amazon. Wifey and I both have Galaxy Note 8. The phones will not sit in the wireless charger with cases on.
    5. Every single person that took the car for a ride is SUPER IMPRESSED.
    6. Impressed to the point that 3 or 4 were ICE lovers and now seriously debating all electric.
    7. Charging with my J1772 generic level 2 charger, that I had with my Ford, 16 miles of charge per hour. This doesn't impress or Depress me.
    8. Depending on my Boss, wifey, Lol, I may buy a Tesla Level 2 charger in the next day or two.
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    The guy that dropped off Casper was super impressed at OUR, mine, wifey and my kids knowledge of Tesla. He was also impressed at how excited we all were.
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    Just fyi, those seats are super easy to maintain. I'm in love with the material, and shared my fascination for the material many times on the forum. The wine would just wipe off and not make a stain — ummm, actually no one reported wine sitting on the seats for a while and letting it affect the material :)
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    @vmulla, from all we are reading, the seats seem decently easy to maintain. Thanks.
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    The car is recording Sentry mode. It does not seem to be recording as I drive. I do not see any icon when I drive. I see it when the car is stopped.
    Yes. I formatted a 128gb memory card to FAT32 and all that fun stuff. Any ideas?
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    @Pg3ibew: "The car is recording Sentry mode. It does not seem to be recording as I drive. I do not see any icon when I drive. I see it when the car is stopped.”
    Sentry is only for when you are parked. When driving, if you notice an event you want to record, press the icon right next to sentry mode, and it will save the last 10 minutes or so. It’s always recording, but not permanently saving.
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    Congratulations! I am with you--Tesla has the best cars we ever owned. Above you posted that you charged to 100% and got 235 miles. Thinking it was a typo and it was 335 miles.................more importantly, based upon what I have read in these Forums about preserving the battery life, many suggest not charging to 100% unless you are prepping for a trip and are going to drive immediately after charging. You will find many posts from those that seem to know about not charging above 80% or 90%.

    PS, we sprung for one of the wall chargers and love it.

    Again, congratulations.
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    great thread. congratulations and welcome.
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    Fantastic.........looking forward to ours; November Delivery
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    @Pg3ibew, congratulations! Enjoy the never ending fun. You won’t get that in an ICE car unless it’s a Ferrari ;)

    I’m taking the same config minus white interior. I can’t wait to get in my car and drive!
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    @xero. There is NO symbols while I am driving. The Sentry mode symbol ONLY appears when I am parked.
    @mcmack. 235. I have a SR+ AND yes. I know to only charge to 80 percent. I was just curious what 100 percent got me. Just for future reference.
    @ everyone else. Thanks.
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    TeslaTaps Dashcam guide:

    You should see a camera icon with red dot when recording.
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