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Hey guys, I got my Tesla in March and paid for AP back when it was optional. I never got a trial of FSD. Does anyone know if they stopped trials entirely or if they're bringing them back? I'm curious how well FSD auto lane change, summon and autopark work, to see if it would be worth it to me. It also wouldn't hurt if they discounted FSD like they did for my friend who bought it april with NO version of AP and got a 2 week FSD trial and then purchased.


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    There are no trial offers going on now.

    You're discussing EAP features, and EAP is now FSD for all practical purposes.
    Real FSD is not released yet, no one outside of Tesla knows what would be part of the FSD package (in addition to the EAP features)

    I suggest you rent a car with EAP to figure out if the FSD upgrade is worth it for you.

    Question back to you, how much do you have to pay to upgrade to FSD?
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    Isn't EAP now called FSD and there is no EAP? I have to pay $6,000 for FSD now.
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    Isn't EAP now called FSD and there is no EAP? @mabbrus

    Umm... No,
    EAP + A lot more = FSD

    The only way to get EAP features now is to pay for FSD

    EAP =/= FSD
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    People who bought EAP in 2017-2018 did just get the "smart summon" feature with V10. I have no idea if the original EAP users get any new features down the road. Might have to upgrade to FSD.
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    Right I guess I've been calling EAP, FSD because I have to pay for FSD to get EAP and there's no way to get EAP, so for me all that exists is AP and FSD.
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    Since I did not purchase that original EAP option when I bought my LR RWD in mid-2018, on my Tesla account page, it says that it would be $3k to get AP and another $6k to get FSD.

    Not worth it ... IMHO, of course. :)
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    All the FSD stuff right now is gimmicky at best. Unless you have money to burn, hold off until more autonomous features are released. Can I get my money back that I spent on the non-existant FSD? I have other things I’d like to purchase that exist today.
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    @Syed & Houston... Back in April, I purchased AP and FSD for a total of 5k (I did not buy EAP at time of purchase in June 2018). That, to me, was well worth the cost.

    I agree FSD is speculative and auto park and summon are gimmicky. I just hope that in the next 3-5 years, Level 4 autonomous driving will be available which would add significant monetary value to my used Model 3. Probably the only time in my life my used car will suddenly increase in value.
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    I thought regular summon was gimicky until I had someone park me in. It has come in handy quite a few times now in tight spaces. I don't use autopark, and haven't had Smart Summon long enough to evaluate. NoA lane changes are good enough that I now prefer it to plain AP in most places. Yeah, FSD is still speculative, but I'm looking forward to NoA and AP working on surface streets.

    I'm glad I have it, but each person values things their own way.
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    I took delivery in March as well but didn't opt for the AP/FSD. The next morning when I went out to the car I got the Welcome to your 30 day trial of AP/FSD. Used it like crazy, showed it to anyone interested in checking it out and was sad when it ended... but somehow I must have won the lottery because a couple weeks after the 30 day trial ended I got another 14 day trial out of the blue!

    I never got ther chance to check out smart summon but as soon as possible I'll be getting both!
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