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New market for SpaceX launches?



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    Berthing planned for ~5 pm EDT.
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    Berthing complete ~17.05 EEST, ~10.05 EDT. Full docking with hatch open will be done later, considering that they are now several hours behind the original schedule I wont make any bets when this will happen.

    They are detaching the arm as I wrote this.
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    Jeez, they sure rushed it! And I was off making breakfast. >:(
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    From the radio conversation it sounds like they are in a hurry to make the full docking too (talking about Dragon pressurization already).
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    Just simply amazing!
    If you could do that, then you could probably make a performance sedan that doesn't need gasoline . .

    Oh wait, he did that too!

    Elon Rocks!
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    Major new contract with Intelsat, for a FalconHeavy launch, I hear. Quite a client list SpaceX is building up!
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