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Unplugged Performance Lowering Kit

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The new Raven appears to sit much higher than the previous air suspension. Don't have measurements from my older cars to confirm, but when I set the previous cars to the "Low" setting, it closed up most of the gap between the tire and fender well. On the Raven, there's still a good 2 1/2 inch gap with the suspension setting at low.

Unplugged Performance sells brackets that basically alter the factory settings. Apparently just moves each setting down by one. Thus Regular is now low, high is now regular, I guess low would be "very low". But for the Raven, appears that it might just get it back to what the previous Air Suspension low setting was. No changes to the actual suspension, so no impact on ride quality.

Thought I'd ask to see if anyone has installed them, on a current Raven car or the prior air suspension? Wanting to see if there were any issues I'm not thinking of. I already realize this will impact the camber, but can adjust for that. Not looking to drastically lower the car, but just to get the Raven to sit at a height more comparable to my past Model S cars, even if that means leaving it at regular height, which should be equal to the current low setting. Because it sits so high, I have it set to "low" ALWAYS.

Anything I'm missing? If you have installed them, any issues?

Thanks in advance.
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