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I was at the Bellevue Square shop in Bellevue, WA. the other day and got to talk with Lance and enjoy some time sitting in the Model S. I have recently decided to change my reservation to the Signature Model X from my Model S Signature Series.

As I sat there enjoying the flat floor and talking to Ann the sales lady,, I noticed the two cup holders perched up on the center console. Now my Audi A7 has cup holders there too as most car do, but it dawned on me that my Tesla will be something new. Tesla is a young innovative company with a product that sports useful room in that center console area.

Now at home, I enjoy the convenience of a Keurig coffee maker , tea, cocoa , or hot water and whatever. . A wonderfully simple to use compact machine that would make a truly 21st century cup holder. (I know a lot of you can see where I am going with this)

I leave it to the innovative Tesla Engineers to look into this with Keurig but when my Model X is ready, this is one option I would not do without. What a fun thing to do passing the Gas Station AND the Expresso stand!
Come on Tesla! Lets upgrade those cup holders like no other!



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    I like that idea. My only concern is that coffee makers are notoriously messy... I wouldn't want coffee grounds in my carpet.
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    First go take a look at the Kuerig coffee maker and you will see your concerns are unfounded. No grounds for concern.
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    Having owned several coffee makers of different brands, including the Keurig, I'd have to agree that it is not anything I would want anywhere near my car.

    Splatters as it drips the coffee into the cup are minor if they are 1 cup at a time on a kitchen surface that takes half a second to wipe up, they have no place in a leather/cloth/carpet car interior.

    Every cup involves a pierced coffee packet that must be removed and disposed - in an interior with no convenient closed storage. Every cup or two should be followed by a cleaning cycle leaving you with a cup full of extremely hot water and no convenient sink to throw it into. Every so often you should really pull out the head and rinse it out, a bit less convenient when it is not next to a sink.

    It only makes a few cups before you have to refill it, another trip to a sink.

    And, yes, this is from extensive experience with the Keurig (enough to run its pump into the ground after about a year, which is why I've tried other brands as well).
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    Have you ever spilled a full cup of coffee in your car or lap after the plastic lid pops off? I can only imagine that with a minor bit of engineering could be an easy way to clear up any problems like you envision. I drink coffee on the road and it would be very easy to deal with a unit designed for the road. Water is not a problem if it is designed for the car. I envision a design similar to the windshield washer equipment. Easily filled from the outside.
    I already use the machine at home and any expense involved is no more than I would do at home.
    Why not make it an option for those of use that would enjoy it?

    It doesn't have to be for everybody.. If it's ever offered, I know a lot of customers that would get it added on. The car is electric and has the power and room to incorporate such an option, unlike a conventional gas or diesel vehicle.

    The present cup holder on the Model S is located right where your elbow would knock it over.. Talk about a mess! USB ports and electrical outlets are located directly underneath. It would be a much cleaner installation if it was built in. Coffee, tea, cocoa for after skiing, whatever one would like.
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    I hope to not share the road with rolling baristas....
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    you already share it with rolling party limos with bars! ;)
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    But in the party limo, the driver doesn't drink.

    More seriously though, I have an overbuilt mug with a small base to fit in the cup holder. This is fine in cars with near dash cup holders as the cup hits the dash on sudden stops. In the S, the protection is to the rear allowing for fast launches. As launch is chosen but stops not, near dash is better.

    A fact I recently rediscovered with my new S. While taking an empty mug to a meeting, it tumbled onto the floor on an ordinary stop. Thankfully it was empty so there was no spill. I doubt I will test TM's 14 oz vertical mug as its otherwise superior stopper requires 2 hands to open or close, at least until auto steer shows up.

    A white trash fix is to tape some cardboard to the front of the arm rest to catch a tipping mug. ;)
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    Duct Tape solves everything! Google the Red Green Show.
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    Why not cup-holders that keep the cup warm, or cold? and the choice can be made by using the tablet console.

    I think it is fairly easy to do, and unique idea for cup holders, and maybe more importantly something that people would actually use.
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    Hm, heat pump to the cupholders? Maybe the new thermocouple chips ...

    I'm sure the Jetsons' car had it! Elon should get right on it. It would probably double the number of Ranger calls, though.
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