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ok so this is a bit crazy but I will put it out there and see what happens, lol. I am getting married this fall in Fort Worth, TX and am wanting Tesla to sponsor the wedding party transportation, well at least the Bride and Groom car. We love your concept and thin kit would be really cool to incorpoprate Tesla into our wedding somehow. We have a professional photographer so you would get rights to the pictures taken of us in the car, we would add you to our wedding program, wedding app, wedding website and mention your company several times during the reception in speeches and such. What do you think?


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    A model S with cans tied to the rear bumper? The bind moggles.
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    Stick to rice to keep the noise down then when you peel out of the parking lot it fly's everywhere!
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    this could be a great branding opportunity! there would need to be a critical mass of weddings so it start trending. and the reception needs to be at the tesla store!
  • I think it would depend on number attending, demographics of those attending, distance from Tesla store... Sure a Model S would be cooler and more eco-friendly than a limo.

    But from a business point of view, sponsoring an event (i.e. loaning a car for free for a set amount of time) it depends on the value of the event to the sponsor - will it result in product exposure that will result in more sales?

    A 'wedding' is not of any set size or nature, could be a couple and some close family and friends numbering under 20 doing a small service and with reception at an inexpensive favourite restaurant, could be a million dollar 500+ person event the media and celebrities show up at. Most sensible middle class people in today's world will not 'blow' a lot of money on a one day event when many marriages only last a few years and end in ugly divorces anyways (sad but true). Showy ethnic weddings (think Italian, Greek and Indian) where wealthy parents want to impress are good events if the the demographics of the guests are are right... Think wealthy Chinese or Indian families that have really 'made it' who not only can afford a Model S but can appreciate the value for the money and the prestige - BMW 8 series verses Model S - hands down Tesla wins, expands awareness of the Tesla brand in a smart and inexpensive way. Silly young kids blowing their only savings on a flashy wedding who can barely afford the payments on a Ford Fiesta, no way...

    Events that showcase the Model S to qualified potential buyers are a great idea, and should be a central part of the Tesla marketing strategy.
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    Who needs it? Tesla looks doomed to have a larger wait list at the end of 2013 than 2012. People keep ordering the damn thing; they'll never catch up.
  • Time to start a second factory here on the east coast to build for eastern North America and Europe, operating costs will likely be cheaper than the NUMMI plant if you build it in FL... NUMMI can continue to build for West Coast and Asia Pacific... Hmmm wonder what the full capacity of the NUMMI plant is?
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    Around 1000 cars / day max.

    Tesla uses only small fraction of the entire complex and doesn't run many shifts yet (AFAIK)
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    I'd heard 500k - 1 million/yr. Which is approx. double your number. Don't know whether those old figures apply to Tesla on 3 shifts x ? lines, though.
  • Time to add shifts or additional lines and get the product to market!

    You do not need an MBA to figure that one out...

    I remember reading they were at 200 cars a day now, is that right?

    Remember the adage 'never keep your customers waiting'? Well yes quality first but not ramping up to meet demand means losing customers to Fiskar or the Volt.

    Volume is important...
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    No, they are closing in on 400. When smooth and tuned, that's what one shift on one line can do. Adding lines is a bigger deal than shifts. They are probable keeping a sharp eye out for more robot fire sales in Germany ...
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