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SR Plus - should I buy?



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    SR+: in the real world, you’ll get about your 2 hours of highway driving (~150 miles) if you have heat on and are driving at 75mph, and charging up to 90%.

    LR AWD: you will get 2.5 hours of driving before you stop to supercharge.

    These numbers will look better in warm weather. SR+ will be 2.5 hours between supercharges, LR will be 3 hours.

    Depending on your route, it could mean one extra supercharging stop. Is the time saving worth $8K for you? Only you can decide.

    Another benefit of the LR is faster supercharging rates with V3 if that matters to you.
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    Thank you again everyone!

    Im going to stick with SR+ based on what I have heard so far. I usually don’t drive more than 150 miles at a stretch. Sometimes I do, but not every trip. Once I drove 350 miles in one stretch, stopped for refill and drove another 200 miles to get there on time! I used to drive ICE car between Indy to buffalo and I put over 25K miles in one year. I started flying to buffalo the following year. If the SR+ is so bad that I can’t live with, I will choose to fly.

    I’m starting with M3 to experience the supercharge and electric world! If I end up enjoying this, I see myself buying a MS LR in few years. I don’t want to shell out too much now..(don’t feel like doing it even though I know M3 AWD has so many pros).

    All this started with Tesla announcing the 10 miles increase. That made me think too much about what else is going to change in the car M3 std+ and should I buy LR since there are no changes made to it.
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    “If you drive 1,000 miles two times a month, I personally would only recommend a Long Range Tesla. This is for countless reasons.”sky pilot

    +1,000 on that, get max range which is 310 on the Model 3. For good battery health you try to live between 20% and 80% so your “working” range becomes 186 miles. Add in the inevitable degradation (30% over eight years is what Tesla calls acceptable) so your working range is not the full EPA rated range.

    I drive 24,000 a year commuting and I have SC’s along my travel routes and I end up charging a lot even with the 310 range. I also end up missing a charge now and then, stuff happens, and running into orange and red warnings on the range indicator. Always thankful for those extra few miles.
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    ^ that is just BS
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    @fearghus1 - another thought for you - ask the nearest store if they have any LR RWD they can locate. Will cost less than LR AWD and give you 325 miles range. May be the best of both worlds for you.
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    @rsingh05, thank you. I tried that and my advisor found only 1 LR RWD, it is white interior (big no.. kids..) and has 1200 miles on them. I badly wanted an LR without breaking the bank.
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    20-90% is the working range. Though I do agree with that less than 200 miles is the working miles you’d end up using. Unless you drive like the EPA thinks that you should and you are committed to crappy 18” aero wheels on those crappy stock tires.
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    This might be helpful....

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    I have SR and didn’t go through winter yet

    But I’m already 100% convinced to buy a LR Model Y for ski trips
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    Long Range CPO Options from Tesla....

    -/ USED CAR with 21,000 miles for $40,500. /

    (Basically new with only 51 miles). Likely a customer return on the 7 day return policy. Or a buyer who didn't quality for financing Priced at. $45,500. SR+ equally equipped would be $42,000 for equally equipped SR+ new from Tesla
    A. LR / AWD would be $50,500. So, only $3,500 more for the long rang version and cheaper than if you could order a LR RWD version. -

    Near new with only 828 miles. Also a likely 7 day return policy. $46,500 (41,500 Equally equipped SR+ from Tesla / LR AWD would be $50,000
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    Some other thoughts I didn’t see mentioned (or more likely I missed them):

    1- If your trips are few and far between, consider renting a Turo or other car rental site for just the trip. Can be many trip rentals for $9K.
    2- In considering spending the $9K for a LR, do you have another use for that $ that you will actually do if you get the SR? There are always ways to spend $9K but this is a question, to me, of opportunity cost. Just because there ARE better uses doesn’t mean you’d actually spend it that way. Maybe the LR is the best use?
    3- range isn’t the only difference between the SR and LR. Weight is another (handling?, tire wear?). So is top speed (140mph vs. 145mph), 0-60 speeds (5.3s vs. 4.4s), and a number of feature differences between premium and partial premium interiors.

    Whether any of these matters to you is your call of course, just be aware there are these additional differences.
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    You forgot, it also comes with that fancy Dual Motor badge.

    That badge alone is worth at least $9k
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    My personal experience. Being a brand new owner of a SR+. I do not drive far enough on a daily basis that I could justify the added expense of the extra miles.
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    @kevin I have an extra fancy Dual Motor, with red stripe underneath, new on the card (never applied to car) badge I will let you have for 10K.
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    I will buy it for $10 M8B
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    I'm saving my $9k for a "Dual Hamster Wheels" badge with a green underline!
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    I'm rather surprised that the M3 inventory today (for SoCal) are almost all USED.

    $500-$1000 discount from new price for a USED (rejected car) one? Absurd.
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    Probably minimal use and somebody who returned within the 1 week period.
    You can just order new
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    Don't ignore the advantages of the Premium Interior package. As SalisburySam points out above, you're not just getting the extra range.

    I have never heard of anyone regretting getting the most range they can afford.
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    @jim, exactly. But why Tesla tries to sell these used ones for essentially new price is the question.

    I'd expect a minimum of $3,000 off new before I'd even think about buying a rejected used one.
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    I noticed driving up i-5 in Oregon that I was ending up with about 15% had a lot of the superchargers. I'm not sure if I could have made an extra stop sometimes, but they seem to be spread out quite a bit so with a short-range vehicle, it may have been more of a challenge that I wouldn't of wanted to deal with.
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    “ I'd expect a minimum of $3,000 off new before I'd even think about buying a rejected used one.” @rxlawdude

    Are there other perks offered on these vehicles? FSD/EAP perhaps? Longer warranty? Subscription services? Supercharger miles?
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    Wow, if a dual performance badge brings $10k, what can I get for just a dual motor badge? I might have go insist on getting mine if the $$ are big enough.....
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