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Wall Charger Question.

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Hello all,

I just had my wall charger installed by an electrician and while everything works perfectly, I notice the car only charges at ~47-48w. We ran 100amp breaker and set the dial to 80/100 with dip switches set correctly. Is this max charging for the vehicle?

Thank you


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    It is if you didn't pay for the dual chargers on the older cars or the 72A upgrade on newer models. I believe very recent models only come with 48A capability.
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    Limited by the charger in the car, which is 48a. Good news is when you get another Tesla, you can daisy chain a second wall connector on the same circuit and get a combined 80a charging.
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    The 72A high amperage charger was discontinued late last year, just after I ordered my Model S (I still got it).
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    You did the right thing. Regardless of what the car can receive, you are ready for all possibilities. You didn’t waste your money. Sorry your car is not as fast as you might want. However you may see you might not need more speed. In any case the slow charge will make your battery last longer.
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    OP, as you can tell by the responses, there are several variables at play. In the future, when asking a question, please tell us what car you have. The earlier cars like mine and Tes-us came with a single charger, but a second charger was optional and that got you a charging rate of about 60 mph vs the 29-30 mph.

    The point is, we need to know more information to give you the right answer.
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