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White interior with Dark Ash Wood Décor

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I have ordered a Model X long range with the white seats but realized every picture I have seen with the white seats is with black carbon fiber on the dash and doors. The long range X has Dark Ash Wood Décor. Does anyone have a picture or know where I can find a picture of the white interior with Dark Ash Wood Décor so I can accurately compare it with the cream seats.


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    It looks awesome. I would totally go with withe and black ashwood again. I dont know how to upload pictures in the forum
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    I asked my delivery specialist to send me photos of the white with dark ash because I couldn’t decide either. When I got them, I noticed that the gloss wood covering in the photo he sent me had dust on it. Then I looked at the car I was driving which had the exact same. All I could see was a place that I was going to see dust and a surface that in a 10 year old car showed every little scratch at any angle. I went with the cream and got my MX 3 weeks ago. The black alcantara head liner through out makes it look super classy. The wood finish is not my absolute favorite finish, but I’ll never see dust or scratches on the finish. There are also plenty of after market carbon fiber trim kits for the MX if you ever want to do carbon fiber too. You can email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you the photo’s if you’d like.
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    Black ashwood is very nice on white, i would worry about the dust , i got one for a year now, I do not see a problem at all
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    I have the white with black ash interior. What if first took as dust streaks is the wood grain. I wanted carbon fiber but shortly before I bought they removed that option from all but the Performance. Now that I have the black ash I find I like it.
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    I also have the MX with white Seats and the dark ash. It was by delivery very dusty and not clean.
    I have brought my car to a detailer and he polish the ash wood decor and now it is clean and it shines.
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    Have you received your Model X? I just ordered ours on 11/2. I saw this update and was wondering if the front seats have actually been updated. Thank you!
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    I was about to get the white with dark wood interior until I saw it at the dealership. The dark wood looked very glossy like a piano black finish with very little texture. I decided to go for the cream with the light wood. I actually like the light wood and wish it was available with the white seats.
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    @anhlue - I have not received my X. I received my VIN number 4 days ago. I am also interested to find out if the seats have been changed.

    @rdmdrd- Thanks for the information. I would have preferred the carbon fiber or a more natural feeling black wood but this is my wife's car and she really wanted the white seats.
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    I just ordered mine and looking for a photo of "Black and White Premium Interior with Dark Ash Wood Décor"

    MY FIRST TESLA POST :) Reminds me of my Honda Tech days, if anyone remembers/or was a part of that culture
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