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There are a lot of Tesla stores but not enough to get people to look at it or learn about. Don't get me wrong Roadster, Model S, and Model X has excellent quality, but there's not a whole lot of Tesla stores to go check out the cars. (For example (a real story with me) we live in Reading, PA, and there's dangerously no Tesla stores anywhere at an easy place. The closest Tesla store is Tesla New York, about 130 miles away. We thought the Model S was not there so we went to Tesla Westchester to look at Model S. It was 162 miles away from home with a proximate time of 3 hours and 10 minutes on July 17Th, left at (estimated times) 9:20 AM and ended up there at (estimated) 12:30 PM).
And why am I complaining, it's because how distant I am from Tesla Stores. With the luxury of a Honda dealership 4 miles away from my house compared to 130/160 (depends on which store) miles, hopefully you can see why I am complaining. I'm probably not the only one too
All in all, Tesla dealerships are an excellent idea, but there just needs to be more of them.
Thanks for reading Tesla Fanatics or Tesla Manager (or possibly) Elon Musk :).


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    There is not much point in putting in a bunch of stores and not have enough production to keep the wait time down to a reasonable amount. Tesla is adding new stores in most major areas but only at a rate they can absorb reasonably. (Hint: besides the stores listed, check the job postings where you will see future stores).
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    Yes, comparing the "stock" of cars Honda and Tesla have available to "stock" stores is probably different by a ratio of 10,000:1 over the near future. By that measure Honda should have a store on every block of every city!!

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    Actually I think this is the right place for it. Just because the only thing the stores can sell is the Model S, doesn't make it a Model S discussion :-).

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    I agree that this would have been the right place, however it seems that Model S post has most replies, so I left that intact.
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    Model S is the right place, because by the time there's another model on the market, the issue will be moot. TM will have full coverage with service centers by the end of 2013!

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    Great discussion! Please go on!
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    In the form 8-K: "By year-end, we plan to more than double the number of service locations around the world from today’s levels." And that's with only a trickle of sales and income. With 20-30,000 deliveries next year, they'll be cloning them as fast as they can.

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    well, I live in Europe and the nearest Tesla Store is 460 miles (736 km)... you shouldn't complain so much :D
    I don't want to see what peopla in Japan or China would say :D
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    A few doublings solves all problems ...
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    Short version:
    All in due time...

    Longer version:
    As a new company, I think it all has to do with how much capital you can raise and how you choose to allocate it to launch a sustained/growing business.

    I'm not saying these are the only two approaches, but consider that you can build small, and grow on reptuation, word of mouth, etc, before you start marketing and sales to the masses. Spend less on sales oriented and more on produce development early on.

    or you can spend a lot of money and put your name out everywhere and build up excitement, desire and justified practical confidence in your brand (for instance, by having service centers available everywhere, or 24/7 tech support etc, even if you don't yet have the customer base to truly utilize it).

    Both approaches could be valid given the market, industry, preferred strategies and other circumstance.
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