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Winter Wiper Blades for Model x

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I drove my new Tesla Model X back home during a moderately severe snow storm. This is something that neither of our Prius vehicles would have had any problems with. During the short drive from one freeway exit to another the Tesla built up almost two inches of ice on the windshield wiper blades. I was able to get things clear enough to see by using a lot of windshield wiper fluid that partially mitigated the ice. We are expecting a much more severe storm tomorrow. I think the Tesla may be "grounded" until I can get some winter wiper blades. Can anyone recommend replacement blades that work well in a snow storm?


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    mine worked fine all winter here in colorado. Turn on the window heater, bottom right on the screen.
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    The Model X (if you have the cold weather package), does have the ability to heat up the wipers. Turn on the windshield heater (first icon on the bottom right). The place the wiper mode on the desired setting of your choice.

    What i do recommend, is to find a spot to pull over. Click on the car icon. Click on service. Click on service mode. That will put your wipers in service mode on the windshield at the exact spot of where to have the heat.
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    @jimglas - it makes a big difference where one is in Colorado. The front range generally gets easier weather than the plains or the mountains. I'm in Summit County so we sometime get temps in the minus 20s and blowing snow in the winter.

    @raffidesigns - I'm told by my Tesla sales rep that all the new model X's come with the cold weather package so I assume I have it. I did stop and clear the blades as you suggested.

    Thanks to both of you for your responses!

    I'm not sure it would have helped, but one thing I missed was a statement in the owners' manual about the front windshield defogger icon. On my Model X it is the third one from the right to the left of the speaker volume and rear window defogger icons. Here is the statement referring to that icon:

    "4. The windshield defroster distributes air flow to the windshield. Touch once to defog the windshield (the icon turns blue). Touch a second time to defrost the windshield (the icon turns red and the heating and fan operate at maximum levels). Touch a third time to turn off and restore the air distribution, heating, and fan to their previous setting."

    I did wonder why the back window icon was red and the front windshield icon was blue but I was too busy trying to drive to investigate it at that time. :-) I'll be sure to turn it on high and see how much difference it makes the next time I encounter such conditions -- which might not be too long as we just got through with one storm and are expecting another one tomorrow.
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    I live on the front range, but have a house in Breck.
    I think we found your problem: "I did wonder why the back window icon was red and the front windshield icon was blue but I was too busy trying to drive to investigate it at that time. :-)"
    The X is a beast in the mountains. I am going to put on snows this year, but did fine withouth them last year
    Have fun!
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