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Tesla, please let me disable this AP lane thingy!

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Dear Tesla,

The V10 feature where the car on autopilot moves within the lane away from vehicles larger than a mini van is just a feature that I do not like. I think it is a little dangerous.
I moved to the bay area(not the wisest choice) for work and I was hoping the commute would be easier with AP but this new feature makes it worst.
PLEASE allow me to disable this!
Also, I really appreciate the time and effort in all the other nice feature but please focus on smoothing out and improving AP braking, acceleration, lane change lane merging, etc.( like when in a lane with an on ramp and the car want to just take the center instead of aligning with the left line).



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    It's been a much-requested feature to move away from larger vehicles. I can't say I've noticed it myself, but rare to have a large vehicle to the right when I'm on AP.

    Ideally, there would be an experts tab where we could control hundreds of minor options to set your personal preferences, but I honestly don't see it happening.
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    I agree the focus should be on improving AP braking and acceleration - smoothing it out in stop and go traffic would be praised.

    If the car stays within its lane while moving to one side then I don't fully understand how it's dangerous. It's barely noticeable really.

    On the greater point of allowing minor modifications to how AP works for all available options: I think it's possible but with AP and FSD being beta right now it probably won't happen "soon". If the developers allow disabling of specific behavior at this moment it may cause unforeseen errors. Current options on AP are basically iterations of Low, Standard, High.
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    I love the moving away when passing a large truck. This is exactly what human drivers do and it was a much requested feature as staying in the middle of the lane when passing large trucks felt unnatural and dangerous.
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    I love the feature too!
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    Great feature! Finally!
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