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Tesla, Please Fix the Energy Forum & Let us View Total Solar Production on App

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Can you please make this forum function like the others? We cannot view when there are new responses. Thank you!


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    I can't see my solar energy production on my computer or on my mobil app.

    before I was using solar city and its no problems.
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    I can't see the total energy production on the app. It only shows the production at the moment I check the app.
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    Total energy can be seen on the software related to your inverter. In my case, Solar Edge. Works really well.
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    It would be nice to be able to search the topics!
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    @dborn: same problem for me as with @lilbean and @sanciai2000, can't find production data. You mention Solar Edge. What is that? With Solar City I just went to the system and data was there. I go to Tesla and cannot find my data. What is Solar Edge? Is it on the new Tesla site?
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    @timspaq I don’t believe the option to view total energy production exists. We have SunPower and our device never worked for that either.
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