Extending Infrastructure Tax Credits

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I am willing to bet that I'm not the only one who wishes that the EV Infrastructure Tax Credits were not expiring so soon -- December 31. This expiration date doesn't make much sense just as mass-produced EVs start to hit the road at year's end. (Think the Nissan LEAF, the Chevy Volt as well as more roadsters and later the Toyota / Tesla RAV4 EV love child.

As things now stand, EV drivers are forced to choose between a few charging vendors with available products, but other charging stations are coming soon.

Plug In America was instrumental in getting the 50% charger tax credits in place. Now that organization is working hard to get the tax credits extended. Plug In America's Legislative Director indicates that there are about four bills floating around that contain extensions to the tax credits. The best thing you can do now is to let your representative know that you care that these tax credits get extended. Please help yourself and Plug In America make a difference and participate in the new campaign.




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    Will do.
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    I agree:

    I just purchased and installed a HPC so I could take advantage of the tax credit. A better installation will follow later.

    If the government is serious about prromoting EV's they need to remove the unceertainty from obtaining a tax credit. California has/had a $5,000 credit available for car purchases but unlesss extended I will not be able to take advantage of it.
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