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Great installation experience

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Almost exactly one month ago, the Tesla installation team arrived to install 36 panels and 4 Powerwalls. They sent four electricians and at least as many panel installers. I have to say I was extremely impressed with the entire installation process. We've had some pretty "unfortunate" issues with Tesla regarding our Model 3, which gave me pause about going with Tesla for the solar+battery system. However, there simply wasn't anybody in my area who could install a system that has all the features of the PowerWall system, so I really didn't have a choice.

Once the design was finished (a process that took longer than it should have but wasn't terrible), it was less than two weeks from the time Tesla sent in the system approval forms to my utility company and got the install scheduled. I had them mount the Powerwalls on my inside garage wall so they are protected from temperature extremes and they essentially take up no space. The whole electrical side was a huge production, with *six* new boxes added on the outside of the house, as well as a complete re-wire of our main electrical panel, which after 20 years of "projects" was something of a mess. They even painted all the conduit (with paint I provided) so it blends in decently.

The only real glitch in the install process was that they came out with the wrong panels. Early in the design process, I was told I was getting the "all-black" panels, which is what I wanted. That somehow got dropped in the final design (it took 6 iterations to get to the final design!). I told the installation team that I wanted the all-black panels and they made it happen. Took a couple more hours for the correct panels to arrive, but they worked on all the mounting brackets while they waited. Since the all-black panels are 315W and the system was designed with 330W panels, they even added an extra panel to bring the production back close to what was contracted, at no extra charge. They were able to get the design updated back at Tesla while they were waiting for the correct panels to arrive.

Less than one week later, the utility company came out, installed the production meter, and we were good to go. It's been working great so far, with just one exception: Storm Watch. I think the system has an incorrect location for us, as Storm Watch does activate, but it does so at times that do not in any way correspond to our local weather. It has activated during beautiful, sunny days with no storms in the forecast, yet not activated when we had a storm dump 10" of snow. I've got a call into tech support about this, but that could be a long process given how phone messages seem to vanish into a black hole at Tesla these days.

Anyway, I was nervous about how this process would go, given my own recent experience with Tesla with their cars and the posts on this forum, but it was a great experience. And the icing on the cake: I could pay for the whole thing on my credit card, which basically meant a 2.5% discount.


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    Great to hear! Like you, I was hesitant to go with Tesla for solar and the Powerwalls. We've got a Model S and a Model 3. Over the 2+ years we've had Teslas we've had hit and miss service and delivery experiences. Sometimes they have been absolutely stellar, and have gone above and beyond, and sometimes their actions leave you scratching your head. We finally decided to pull the proverbial solar and Powerwall trigger. SCE has cut our power 3 times in October so far, and I expect that during the Santa Ana wind season this will be the new normal. Tesla's quote on the website, with the discount for those affected by outages, was by far the best I received, even after going through EnergySage and talking to local installers as well. So, thanks for sharing your experience!
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    Where are you located? It seems that some areas are way better than other locations.
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    Nice to hear about your positive installation experience, which mirrors my own. We installed 2 PW2’s sixteen months ago to complement our 13.2 kWh existing solar system in Edmonds, WA. Tesla did a superb job and we have not had any issues. Absolutely amazing product, PW2’s.
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    I am hoping for a similar experience when it is my turn to get it installed. :)
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    This is great to hear! I am in the process of getting a couple of PW's installed. Hopefully my experience in Massachusetts goes as well.
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    I had two PWs added to a three year-old 5kW Solar City array. It took four months from reservation to PTO (Oct. 2018 - Feb. 2019). The only glitch was not passing final inspection due to trivial issues. Tesla was back out the next day, and the inspector was out the following day to sign off on final. I didn't have to do anything except write a check.

    Very good experience. I suspect that the vast majority are, but those whose experience met their expectations rarely write about it.
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    Very true.i have a smooth experience too
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    I just have to say, not in PG&E area (SMUD) CA, but Tesla finish the install of the battery today and what a great job they did! Added it to an Enphase IQ7+ 9KWatt system. Ordered Sept 15, 2019, installed Nov18th, 2019.
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    I agree with gregbrew. Only those rare birds with a bad experience complain. I'm tickled with our Tesla system!
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