Annual maintenance

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What is the estimated annual maintenance for the Model S? How long should a battery last, and how much do they cost to replace? Generally, what are the operating costs?

The price tag seems very reasonable, but I don't want to find out later that it requires $5000/year to maintain and that a brake pad costs $2500.


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    The Roadster gets regular service once a year; I believe it's $600 (haven't had one yet). The Model S should be similar.

    You hardly use the friction brakes, because of the regenerative braking. So the brakes should last a very long time.
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    There is a discussion about annual maintenance in the Roadster form. While it is a different car it would be a good spot to get an idea on cost.

    The battery replacement cost has no solid guess on price. It is expensive now but those cost will drop as time goes on and the tech get better.

    THE FAQ might answer a few of your other questions.
    Battery, "Based on testing, Tesla expects the battery to retain approximately 70% of its initial capacity after seven years or 100,000 miles."
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