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I’ve been using 4 batteries for over a year and then some when I started out with two. I’ve experienced the lack of capability of the end user the simplicity of scheduling how I’d like the batteries to function. For example: M-F Backup only 12am - 7am then return to Self Power 7am - 12am. Only way to do this is by manually changing in the app and it messes with my beauty sleep. Boohoo right? :) Instead there’s only the option of the complicated algorithms of Cost Savings or Balanced which do not achieve my desired results. Even worked with support over a two week period for testing and was confirmed that the software was not able to achieve desired result. Would be great if Tesla would offer an update for a simple scheduler for the user to decide when and how the batteries should operate! Any thoughts out there on the subject? Love my system just want the cherry too.


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    Can you just estimate your usage and set the reserve appropriately?
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    I installed 2 powerwalls in September so I'm still getting use to it. But I would sure like to give some feedback to Tesla Powerwall Product Management on the Advanced Balanced and Cost Saving features. My 2 issues are: first that I don't know why they do what the do - it's completely opaque and sometimes they are discharging when I think they should be charging. The UX training in me says that the app should make it's internal state and decisions more apparent - meaning, instead of saying the obvious Charging, Discharging, or Standby - it should say why it's doing that. I already can see that it's charging or not by the green bar. The second issue is that the algorithm is not taking into account that in Southern California Edison territory, I have to pay $0.0165 per KWh I take from the grid regardless of Net Metering, so I want to optimize to not take from the grid if possible. I know it's only a few dollars per month, but it's not like I'm ever going to really get cash back for my excess contributions to grid, and I haven't been through a year yet, but it's November and my solar is still generating enough power to cover my usage - except one day. Also, the 0.0165 just pisses me off and I don't want to pay it if I can. I've used self powered mode, but that's not smart enough to use the grid in the middle of the night if there is not going to be enough sun during the day to satisfy the demand. (But you can look at the weather forecast to see the cloud cover for the next day, and the sunrise and sunset to see how much power you are going to get tomorrow). Anyway - does Tesla Powerwall Product Management every read these? I've been in product management and I've been surprised at how little customer feedback makes it up.
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    How long ago did you have to order to get your power walls in September? I am trying to order now and not having any luck getting a list of certified installers or anything else on the website of Tesla. Where else can we get the power walls to go with the SolarCity/Tesla solar panels ? Thanks for any help.
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