Sentry Eyes - Viewing Dashcam Sentry footage on your iDevices

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Hi everyone, happy Friday!

How are you viewing your Sentry Mode or Dashcam footage?

I just want to share a new app (Sentry Eyes) that we’ve just released on the Apple App Store. It’ll enable you to view footage right on your iPhone/iPad and show you all 4 videos at the same time. You can also export footage and do much more. This works with all drives, including iXpand drives. All you need is connect your SSD, USB drives, Micro SD card through an Apple dongle/adapter. If you have an iPad with USBc port, you can connect directly without a dongle.

Sentry Eyes App:

Apple adapter:


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    Why do use "Tsla" instead of "Tesla" in the descriptions? At first I thought it was a typo, but you did it more than once so I assume it's intentional.

    Is there a preview version available so we can try before we buy? I'm reluctant to pay for a product I know nothing about.
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    Why do you use...
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    That's a great question. When they were reviewing the app they wanted me to not use the word Tesla bc it's trademarked. After I showed them it's being used by many apps they agreed to let me change it to Tesla in the next update.

    Unfortunately, Apple doesn't have a way of letting people try the app. I would be happy to offer that if there's a way. However, the app is being used by many Tesla owners and they're pretty happy. I've got many feedback from them. You can see some of the reviews left on the app.
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    So iXpand flash drive works?
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    Just like any other drive, iXpand drives will work if you connect it via an Apple USB-Lightning adapter.
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    @johntran - I have a site on all about the Tesla dashcam. For the display options, It would make sense to include SentryEyes as another option.

    If you'd like me to add a blurb about it with a screenshot, shoot me an email: [email protected] followed by my screen name.
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    @TeslaTap - thank you. I sent you an email.
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