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“Call the local service center
Choose option 2 for service
Choose the option to check status on your vehicle, which should connect you to the service center and then askbto speak to the manager.”

Finally able to contact SC with the above script..


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    Its quite the fiasco. I was told just to email, they will probably call back. Well, they never responded or even called.

    The better option is find a tesla approved repair facility, they are normal shops that answer the phone.
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    Racelab, why not go through the schedule service option in the Tesla app?

    If your car is done, you get a text or call that service has been completed on your vehicle.
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    because I dont want to mindlessly say heres my car, heres my credit card....bill me.

    I want to talk to someone, see what they are going to charge, and not haul car 5 hours to service center to find that out. I can fix anything on the car, but I only take it in to keep battery and drivetrain warranty. I am currently trying to see what its going to cost to fix bms, which I suspect will be in the thousands, but I can fix myself for $30. But, I will take it in so I can keep warranty.
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    It's not mindless or robotic, someone calls
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