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Cost of higher range battery packs

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I plan to visit the NYC showroom one day soon and this is a key question. Base Model S cost is 50k w Fed credit. That gets you a 160mi range battery pack. So how much more will it cost to get a 230 or 300mi pack?

If Tesla can estimate purchase cost with the 160 mile pack, why be so coy about estimating cost for models with the range they highlight?

If I've missed some old posting where they address this, can someone recap? thanks!


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    They probably won't release that information for many more months. I'm guessing they want to wait until it gets closer to production when they'll have a more accurate idea of costs.
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    That's correct. I don't think they want to get that same happening as what did with Roadster. Telling people the price without knowing what the production cost is and then change that price can be quite bad for reputation.

    In fact it surprises me that they have told us even this much about the price of the car. Considering how much Leaf and Volt are going to cost Type S price is low. Unlike Volt and Leaf (or i-MiEV) this one is gorgeous and more technologically advanced so it could sell with even higher price.

    But I'm not complaining. Waiting for 400-500 mile range version.
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    They indirectly already told us what the extended range battery will cost. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the limited edition model S going for around $65,000 (before tax credit) and contains the 300 mile battery?

    65000-57500 = $7500

    Since it's a limited edition, there are other special features unique to the limited edition- better performance, probably better rims, probably fully loaded, plus the fact that limited editions usually command a premium. To give you an example, last car I had was a special edition, and they charged a $2000 premium for it because of all the extra cosmetic bells and whistles

    I expect mine to be just shy of $63 K - before tax credits(not the special edition), but fully loaded with the 300 mile battery
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    Good reasoning Dan, thanks. Since limited editions were more $ and already spoken for, I had not read the specs carefully. Between 2.5 and 3k for each extra range increment would be defensible and would make sense for early adopters. I tell friends that interstate service stops should be some of the first places where fast charge stations will be installed. But whether that will turn out to be 2013 or 2015 we will have to wait and see.
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    I can't remember any mention of a limited edition. The Signature Series is supposed to be more of a showcase, but I hadn't heard that it would automatically come with the 300 mile pack. In fact, I heard that the 300 mile pack would not be availabe at first. I hope I'm wrong. But cost: Leaf battery is supposedly costing $15K for 100 mile range. Times 3?? I am expecting more like a fully equipped S costing closer to $75K The rebate would just about cover the tax.
    What if I'm wrong? The pessimist is happy if he's wrong or right. I'd say plan for bad economy, higher taxes, cost increases, and lousy rates on your savings.
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    I had the same question so I emailed the company, this was their reply:

    "The price addition should be around $15,000 to $20,000 for the upgraded battery pack (300mi range.)"
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