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Any way to adjust autopilot to favor left edge of lane?

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In California it’s legal for motorcycles to drive in HOV lane as well as between lanes. Usually car drivers in HOV lane steer to the very left edge of lane to give motorcycles as much safe room as they can to go between lanes.

Is there anyway to have autopilot favor the left side of the HOV lane or do I need to keep that off during my commute on the freeway?



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    Wish there were a way. Especially in construction zones
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    You do not have to keep it off and you are not obligated to move over.
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    Knew someone had to give their personal opinion about common curtesy for other drivers. Thank you to the two other posters for letting me know it doesn’t work for autopilot:)
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    Just addressing the question if you "need" to keep it off. You do not "need" to keep it off but I make no comment about you wishing to keep it off.
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    This is opinion only and I don’t live in the Bay Area but do listen to the local PBS station traffic reports. It seems almost every other day I hear “a motorcycle down” on one freeway or another. Lane splitting should be illegal for the simple reason families should not be burying their loved ones for such a senseless reason.
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