Has anyone gotten evidence that Tesla has directly fixed something you reported in a bug report?

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I have a very annoying curve that I have to negotiate each day when returning home in my Tesla RWD Model 3 (purchased Nov/18), running the latest software (no HW3 chip yet):

Each time I try it while on AutoPilot, and each time it fails to be able to negotiate this sharp left curve through a small tunnel under the railroad tracks, and I need to take over. Lately I've been taking to file a "Bug Report" right after this happens, which leads me to my question: has anyone ever had evidence that a bug report they've submitted for a specific program resulted in your car running better (on AutoPilot, for example), at the specified location after a future update? In other words: do Bug Reports ever "directly" work? (just curious!)

I have to say that this curve has become the "Holy Grail" to me - the instant the car is suddenly able to negotiate it "on its own", I will be convinced that Tesla is directly listening :-)...

Thanks for any thoughts -
- D.D.


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    Green1, I found a road in town here where 60km/h was routinely detected as 50km/h (and thus restictions kicked in trying to go 61 or greater). I did a bug report along with an email to the servicena address. I was a bit saddened to see their response of "we will forward your concern to your local service center". As if service centers have any ability to directly process such an issue. I do hope it is just a boilerplate response and/or my SC then forwards it on to someone else.
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    Please tell me you wrote an email, or made a phone call, and didn't just use the "bug report" voice command. It seems nobody actually looks at those.
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