Have difficulty tapping or clicking the pagination at the bottom of each forum screen?

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This is because the main section of the page is 34 pixels too long. To try to compensate for that, the engineers moved the footer up by 34 pixels, which means it sits on top of the pagination controls and gets in the way of clicking them.

As well as that, the pagination controls are not entirely clickable - only the bit in the middle. This makes clicking on a phone (or Tesla's own browser) really difficult, for absolutely no reason.

This is really easy to fix. I don't know why they haven't done it. Maybe they don't even test this website.

In case this annoys you, here's a user stylesheet I use with Safari that fixes that:

body.browser-notcar ul.pager li {
border:none !important;
background:none !important;
margin:default !important;
display:inline-block !important;
min-width: default !important;
padding: 0 !important;

body.browser-notcar ul.pager li.pager-current {
padding: 5px 10px !important;
min-width: 15px !important;
border: solid 1px black !important;

body.browser-notcar ul.pager li a, body.browser-notcar ul.pager li.pager-ellipsis {
display: inline-block !important;
line-height: 20px !important;
padding: 5px 10px !important;
min-width: 15px !important;
border: solid 1px #999 !important;
font-size: 92% !important;
background: #eee !important;

body.browser-notcar main {
padding-bottom: 34px;


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    It's an ancient design and software. The were not thinking of browsing on small screens. And in most cases, it's up to the web owners to have computer views and phone views that allow the device to auto detect or to have their own app for reading the IOS/Android devices.

    I noticed what you meant when I tried out the Tesla browser on the car today today.

    If Tesla is serious, they have said they are looking at new forum software vs. this ancient Word Press blog product. The top forum software all have standard and phone/tablet views and auto detect.

    The forums are a very low priority for Tesla so I'm not expecting anything fast.

    My hope is they make it more of a support forum. Lots of FAQs, moderators that can answer car questions or get the answers. We have a lot of "experts" who aren't and a Tesla presence on content would be helpful.
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    Most WordPress sites work much better than this. If I could fix it in 30 minutes, I'm not sure why they couldn't.

    And I have this issue on every browser I personally use - desktop, car, phone, tablet… It's not about detecting the view. You could fix it on all of them in one go.
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    " I'm not sure why they couldn't."@booshtukka

    A matter of time and inclination. It's so odd for a tech company to have such a low tech, bad tech forum software. I think Musk considers forums a dark ages thing vs. Twitter etc. so no one at Tesla wants it as no points with management for making it work.

    I could see Tesla just shutting it down vs. spending money on it.

    It would be nice for Tesla to use it for true support.

    Send them an email [email protected] with code above and offer your services. Not kidding. Give it a go.
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    I'm not offering my services. I have stuff to do. :) But I'll send them the code, sure.

    It's my view that if you offer something, you should do a good job of it. That's your brand integrity on the line. If they don't want to do a good job of it, don't do it. Lots of other community forums exist. It sends a bad message.
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    "That's your brand integrity on the line. If they don't want to do a good job of it, don't do it."booshtukka

    Totally agree but have you seen the Tesla Forums. Owners are afraid to go near it for fear of getting flamed. They just recently woke up to the fact that they were actually getting into legal liability stage with some of the out of control posters. They didn't even have anyone assigned to the monitor the forums.
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    "I'm not offering my services. I have stuff to do."booshtukka

    Hey...that could be part of your stuff....paid stuff.
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    Yes, I've seen them. I've been on the receiving end of it. It's unsafe to be a critical thinker, or criticise the product in any way. It's a sadly toxic environment considering it's just a series of people discussing a product that they are enthusiastic about. All the more reason to choose to not be responsible for them unless you have the resources to do a good job.
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    "Hey...that could be part of your stuff....paid stuff."

    I do just fine being paid for the stuff I already do. I want more free time, not more money. :)
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    "All the more reason to choose to not be responsible for them unless you have the resources to do a good job."@booshtukka

    I think that is where Tesla is at right now after the recent wake up call. it's going to cost them about $2M to redo the forums with Xenforo or another forum software. And then assign employees to it and service contracts, another $250k a year for something they don't want to do.

    I hope they fix it but I'm an old school product support forum proponent and you don't see forums promoted at the CMS conferences so I could see the Twitter centric Musk dumping the forums vs. spending the resources.
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