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Do the M3s still come with the charging cable? I got mine back in Dec 18 and it came with the NEMA 14-50 plus regular 110 volt attachment. A buddy of mine is being told it no longer comes with the cable and he has to pay 500 for it. Can someone provide clarity? Thanks in advance


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    I received my car on Oct 17, 19. It came with a 120v Charging cable.
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    The NEMA 14-50 plug that fits the charger the comes with the M3 has to be purchased separately for something like $35. The charger only comes with a 110VAC plug but the 14-50 optional plug just goes in it's place.

    I just did this but I had to wait for it as Tesla was out of stock. I kind of like when Tesla is out of stock with something it gives you an option to be notified when it comes back in stock, which happen for me.
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    I think the OP's question might be about the 20' cable the adapter plugs into. Tesla website sells the cable with a 14-50 adapter for $520. My car came with both, along with a 120V adapter in Oct. 2018. I bought a 14-30, that's what I use for home charging. Both the adapter and the mobile connector (cable) are req'd of course.
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    The Gen 2 mobile connector with a 120v/15A adapter is $275 ( ). That’s what comes with the car. A 14-50 (240V/50A) adapter is $35, and will charge a Model 3 at 32A.

    A Gen 1 Corded Mobile connector ( ) is $520, and will charge a LR Model 3 at 40A. No adapter needed, or available. SR will be 32A, and I don’t know what a MR will charge at.
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    Got the answer I was looking for, thank you. The sales rep was leading him to believe he would have to buy the cable that cost $520 just to get 32A charge at home but I have him the link to the NEMA adapter that connects to the Gen2 cable and the Nbr to the electrician that did the install in my garage. Thanks to all that responded.
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