New Gigafactory - Berlin Germany

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Tesla announced a new European Gigafactory planned for Berlin, Germany. Tesla expects to first produce Model Y at the end of 2021 at this new factory. They will produce batteries, powertrains, and vehicles at this site.


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    GF3 licensed to produce Model 3,
    GF4 location announced,
    Cyber Truck reveal just around the corner...

    What an absolutely exciting time for Tesla, owners, investors, and, enthusiasts!
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    I can't find the article but he also insisted that it be done at least as fast as Giga Shanghai.
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    SamO, I thought about that too, but I suspect it won't go up that fast, in Germany. Well not specific to Germany but in any other country. It seems the Chinese are very good at building things fast. I could be wrong, but with the German culture/nature being more about being precise, I have a feeling it will take longer.
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    They're going to be building the Germany factory as the China factory is ramping up AND Model Y production starting. I dont think it'll matter.
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    They were originally talking about two possible locations for GF4 in southwest Germany. Perhaps the final location near Berlin was chosen because a shorter build out time was negotiated.
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    Logistics are also a factor not that i know anything about it in Germany. Distance from shipping, ports, airports and the such. Lots of factors could have driven it.
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    Since the Roadster2 will be able to fly it is important to be near the airport, which it is.
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