Model 3

Backup Camera Not Working

I installed the update for my SR+ one day ago. Everything was working fine when I drove it yesterday. Now my backup camera shows a black box with two white lane lines when I put it in reverse. I have rebooted the car and it did not help. Any ideas?


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    Reboot again. Sometimes it takes more than one reboot to fix issues.

    By the way, "I installed the update" doesn't mean anything -- always include the version number.
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    Mine did the same, next day everything is fine. I also tried soft reboot it did not help.
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    Mine did the same thing and no reboot method would fix it. Next morning it was working again and has been ok since.
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    It has been four days since my Model 3 has worked. The backup camera not working. Navigation system not working. Side sensors are sometimes working. Day/night brightness recognition is not working. Blind spot recognition not working. I have tried rebooting 10 times. Soft boot/hard reset and Power Down from menu. Nothing works. I contacted SC through the app for a service appointment. At first they gave me an appointment in 10 days, then I got an email that pushed it to 3 weeks! I don’t feel safe in my M3. Is this how a premium car company operates? Very disappointed. I don’t know what to do. Software version is 2020.4.1. Anybody? I love my M3, but this is testing my resolve.
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    @lori.m.shapiro Same thing is happen to me. Is your navigation frozen at your last locations? And is your visualization also not showing anything around the car? Also setup an appointment.
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