New Tesla Charging Sites

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Due to a problem exporting to, there are 5 Tesla charging stations that do not currently show up. Here's a list for all those road warriors out there:

5956 Calle Real
Goleta, CA 93117

Berry Patch Restaurant
900 Newville Road
Orland, CA 95963

Harris Ranch Subway/Shell Station
24505 West Dorris Ave
Coalinga, CA 93210

Comfort Inn
1804 Fort James Rd
Yreka, CA 96097

Tesla Newport Beach
1100 West Coast Highway
Newport Beach, CA 92663



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    Is there a list map or app of charging sites nationwide?
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    I am planning to drive my Roadster From Palos Verdes, South of Los Angeles, To Yosemite National Park. I need to find 220 volt power in Bakersfield and Oakhurst.
    Last time I drove out of L.A. I charged at an auto repair shop.
    Do you have any Information about charging EV's in the San Jouaquin valley?
    Bob Fisher
  • edited November -1 is generally used to find charging sites, but it has been a while since it has been updated. Supposedly somebody at Tesla is working on a Tesla-specific map, but there is no ETA. I use to find HPCs, and then a campground directory to fill in the holes.

    Jack, do you know how/when the Yreka and Orland units got put in? In early April I drove from Seattle to San Diego. From Woodland to San Diego was easy because there were HPCs, but from Seattle to Woodland was a real pain because I had to use campgrounds.

    Some of us in WA are working on getting some more HPCs fact, soon we might have the whole west coast covered. The ones in Ferndale WA, Portland OR and Roseburg OR are not installed yet, but once they are somebody can go from Vancouver BC to Tijuana Mexico using nothing but HPCs.

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    Iphone app: EVcharger finder.
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    Could someone create this map for the East Coast Tesla HPCs?
    (equivalent to
    Obviously we have one in NYC at the showroom (and the public garage across the street), and you can add my home at zip code 07733 and a contact phone of 917-345-7681.
    I'm sure there are lots more on the Boston/RI/CT to NYC to Phili to DC route!
    we like to take road trips on the East Coast, too!
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    Orland was turned on in June, and Yreka was operational in early July. I used both of them earlier this week on a two-day drive from Sacramento to Seattle. Exciting to see the Northwest chargers going in! There is an RV park in Bakersfield (River Run RV?) I used on a trip to Vegas. It's right next to a Hilton Garden Inn and several other hotels. Don't know about Oakhurst but you can always seach Googlemaps for RV parks and then call to verify that they have available 50A outlets. Generally, I'm not aware of any HPCs in LA area ( other than the Newport Beach Tesla showroon) or on the East Coast, but if anyone has info they can certainly post here!

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    Effective August 26th, Roadster owners are welcome to use my 70amp HPC in Solana Beach when I'm home (so plan ahead). We're a 20min walk from anything, but I'll toss in a beer and a comfy seat on my back patio. Best way to contact me is by email at jason (at) jknapp (dot) net, but if you're in a pinch you can call me at 858-720-1371.

  • MichaelE, doesn't intend to discriminate against the east. You can submit information on new sites to and they should get put in, whenever they start adding new sites. It's been over a year since they added any new sites though.
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    I believe you need to send emails to [email protected] I couldn't get to a website at

    My colleagues and I have created a new website called Recargo ( that makes it easy to add new charger locations as well as find existing chargers. Recargo shares data with and we are working with infrastructure providers to make sure new charging stations get listed as they are installed. Please give it a try and let us know how we can serve the EV community better.
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    Jack, I will email Tom Dowling with these new charger locations.
  • is way behind in updates because of some sort of technical problem. If there are any web gurus who would like to volunteer to help out, I'm sure Tom would welcome help.
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    We are a UK charity and have started the development of an open source database of charge points worldwide;

    We hope that making this database open source will encourage the community to support and maintain the data. We also hope that the third party website and app developers will use the database to prevent duplication of effort in the future.

    We are deploying several thousand charge points in the UK and the prospect of uploading an maintaining the site details on 20+ different databases was mind blowing...
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    I just thought about asking if there is any global map for chargers anywhere, and then you post this. Thanks for reading my mind. :-)
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    Do you know the charge rate for the new Eugene charger at Sequential Biofuels? I called them up but the person I talked to wasn't sure.

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    Charged at the Hyatt Lake Tahoe (Incline Village) this weekend using my mobile charger. The 14-50 outlet is on an extension cord located next to some stairs about 50 feet straight out from the main entrance. They're so used to Roadsters charging during hotel stays that they don't even give you a hard time for driving into the vallet area.

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    I've heard there is a Tesla charger at the Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara, but haven't been there to verify it.

  • JackB,
    The Canary Hotel is only a block away from the Parking Lot #7 with Avcon in Santa Barbara so there is a viable overnight option nearby either way. I'll try to check the Hotel itself if I get to SB again soon too. A true Tesla connector would definitely beat carrying an Avcon converter box.
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    The owner of Sequential Biofuels in Eugene OR said that he wouldn't charge Tesla owners that want to charge on my HPC there.

    I told him he could, given that he paid for installation and there's not really much shopping we can do at his service station. I suggested that he try to get advertising dollars from the restaurant and hotel next door.

    For anybody going South on I-5 from Eugene, you can't reach the next HPC (in Yreka CA). But check out Seven Feathers casino in Canyonville OR. They are thinking of putting one in, and for now they have 14-50's in the campground, along with a free shuttle to the casino, hotels, restaurants, etc. Tell them how much you would appreciate an HPC there!

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    Is Tesla working with cities/municipalities about establishing/locating charging stations, or is this electrical infrastructure evovling on its own?
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    All of Tesla's resources are going into the R&D for the cars they're building, and the tech they need to build to make them work. Cities & States are making the move towards infrastructure on their own, or being prompted by the larger car companies jumping on Tesla's wagon (Nissan's Leaf, the Mini-E, etc).
  • With customers spread across the globe, I can see how Tesla wouldn't want to get into the position of deciding which of there customers gets charging infrastructure provide near them and which don't. It makes sense to leave this up to businesses that want to attract Tesla's and owners who want to have infrastructure to support their lives.
    They are doing a great job in taking care of the cars and putting more of them on the road. I'm glad they are sticking to their plan.
    We've now heard ( that Tesla is developing a J-1772 "J" adapter to allow Tesla owners to use these standardized yet slower charging stations that are starting to pop up around the world!
    Go Tesla!
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    After a long saga over logistics, Dale Garcia is working to get an HPC installed in Portland General Electric's downtown Portland parking garage - hopefully before the end of the year (Tesla gave me a discount on the donated charger because it went to a public charging site). Now if we can place one more charger to fill the Yreka/Eugene gap, the "West Coast Tesla Highway" will be complete from border to border. I agree the Seven Feathers location is a good one. Their management has said no to a charger on the casino side, but the RV park is a 5-star facility and may still be a possibility. There's also an upscale Best Western that's walkable from the RV Park that would be a good overnight spot. I've met twice in the past year with a hotel owner in Sutherlin who is on the fence, but with the Eugene charger in place it probably doesn't make sense to go that far North.

  • JackB
    Thanks for all your efforts on this. That would be some serious bragging rights on the side of EVs if the West Coast gets connected with dedicated chargers without a huge federal project.
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    I've consolidated a lot of the above mentioned sites into a Google map; you can access it via

    I include only those known to work with Teslas (ie no inductive sites).

    Please email me with any additions / updates at "[email protected]".
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    Hi Bill. Would you consider adding your sites to the OpenChargeMap project? We are developing an open database of charge site locations and capabilities which maps such as yours can use as the source of their data. Your's is the 31'st charge map website and the number is growing by roughly one per week …

    Many thanks for your consideration.
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