How do you all pay for SC electrons?

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Wife and I were in her 2016 75D and stopped for lunch. She said "this place has a charger". Nice restaurant with two Tesla plugs in the back. We plugged it in and sure enough started charging at 48amp 33miles per hour.

I asked the waitress "Hey we plugged her can in to the charger in the back, is there a cost for that added onto our tab?" She said no, perk of the place. Right off highway and it might draw people to their restaurant instead of one of the others on the road. So, that seems like a good idea. Is it common? Got a free 28miles. That is more than a gallon of gas for my Ford Explorer so like a free $3.

But that got us talking. How does Tesla charge you when you use a SC? Do you have to have a credit card tied to your account? She has unlimited life time SC use. Only used one a couple times on road trips. How is Tesla going to charge me if I ever park at a SC to long and hit with idle fees?



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    I have FUSC so no charge there.
    When I work out of town I stay at a motel that has a tesla destination charger. No charge, but that is one of the reasons I stay at that particular motel.
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    Credit card on file. Unless you have free superchatging
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    If no credit card or expired card, they will add the charges to your next service bill when you go in for service (which could be a while). I don't think they ever deny anyone that has Supercharger access.
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    You need to earn our free destination charge. Where's the shameless plug? Need URL and/or address.
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    I go to Rudy's BBQ every weekend for breakfast tacos and free charging. I can pull in about 30 miles while I eat and surf the net.
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