Southern California

Model X rental/ swap for thanksgiving weekend wanted!!!

Hi fellow Tesla owners.
I am planing to spend a Thanksgiving weekend with my family and friends in Sequoia National park, Ponderosa, more precisely. Weather forecast for next week is snow snow snow so I am afraid that my Model 3 RWD will not be up to the task. I hate just a thought of renting an ICE for this trip so I wondered if someone with Model X would like to swap the cars and drive my pristine long range 2018 Model 3 for the weekend? I know that I am upgrading a whole class up so if you have any dollar amount that I would have to pay you to make it worth it to you please let me know.
Needles to say that I would treat your Tesla with as much care as my own.... and my Tesla is spotless.
Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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