Colorado EV sticker

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I got the Colorado EV sticker when I registered the car but was given little information. I’m lead to believe it allows us to park at government owned charging stations without paying for parking. Does anyone know this to be true? Any other benefits?


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    I believe the sticker allows you to park at government owned charging stations without getting a ticket. If you use a station without the sticker, you could get a ticket. You still have to pay for parking where applicable.

    I was told that parking enforcers can no longer tell EVs from ICE hence the sticker, but I thought that explanation was ridiculous.
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    I was told that you can charge at public chargers if you have the sticker. I dont remember anything about parking.
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    How does one get this sticker?
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    I would also like to know for certain but I'd think you get it when you register the car.
  • I got mine when I registered my Model Y in August. The clerk mumbled something about free parking, but didn't seem to really know. I can't find much online either. Someone mentioned that it would prevent getting a ticket if you are using a public charger since the parking patrol might not be able to distinguish an ICE from an EV. That doesn't make much sense to me as the first clue would be if you have the charging device plugged into your EV. I put my sticker in my Tesla file folder and forgot about it. Perhaps I'll keep it in my glovebox if I ever see a sign where it might be needed in any Colorado city. I doubt I ever will.
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