Two-door coupe in Tesla's future?

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Hello All:

Long-time lurker here. I am really jacked to see the new Model S becoming a reality, but based on the proposed price and my own pocketbook, purchasing one is probably a few years down the road. Hopefully, by that time, the battery technology will have improved to the point where a trip to see my extended family (250 miles) or my beloved St Louis Cardinals (300+ miles) will be routine with an electric vehicle rather than need a gasoline-fueled car.

My question is, does anyone know if a two-door coupe is anywhere in Tesla's planning for the future? I can't fault them for turning to a cross-over as the next step following the Model S, since that is where the money is. But I was hoping that by the time my G6 became obsolete, there would be a two-door Tesla coupe in place to replace it.

Any info would be appreciated.




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    Look up the Tesla Secret Master Plan.
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    It's certainly possible. Elon has spoken of a "sport" version of the Model S, which I could see being a coupe. Also, on the most recent conference call he said that they intend to come out with a new car every year for the next few years, and said that they are now working on a couple projects that they do not intend to be so open about as they have been with the Roadster, Model S, and Model X.

    The slides from Tesla's investor presentation before their IPO showed a utility van (for commercial use) and a cabriolet as other possibilities to be built on the Model S platform.
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