Cybertruck:...... types of people , I just havent worked out how many yet

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Taking a mickey from the Climate

The CYBRTRK , I call it the C for short, hope you might too, Model C, whatever.
1: People who hate it per se (Latin for no reason other than nothing)
2: People who hated it and now love it. It probably took just 60 minutes.
3: People who can analyse, criticise, reach a conclusion.
4: People who can appreciate genius, whether they like it or not.
5: Over to you


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    To understand a genius, you need to be a genius. Used to be my tagline here.
    To understand autism spectrum, you need to be on autism spectrum.
    To understand death, you need to have died.
    Get my point?

    Oh, to understand women, you need to be a woman. What do you think of that?
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    1) Hate it
    2) Love it
    3) Hesitant band wagoners
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    if you dont understand somethng, ask for an explanation from someone who does
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    Change, some people don't like to change. The world is changing, we like it or not, it is not waiting for us. We can't change people but we can change ourself. Until we changed; otherwise, we will not know what is going on and stay behind, right?
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    Also, to "understand women" all anyone really needs to do is care enough to actually pay attention and listen to them with the awareness that whatever bits of understanding that you might manage to glean are inherently provisional in nature.
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    "To understand autism spectrum, you need to be on autism spectrum."
    or have a child on the autistic spectrum.
    "To understand a genius, you need to be a genius." or worked with some.

    Cbrtrk is functional and cost effective. Great so far. weight? miles/kwh, including loaded and with trailer? carry long ladders? Guess I'm #3.
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    People who USED to work in the Truck/Bus industries for General Motors, and STILL hate General Motors for their stupidity/greed/lack of R&D. Yeah, fuck General Motors and H-D who screwed Erik Buell too....long live the progressive thinkers free of Wall Street's magical thinking for profits.
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    ya like the design but the truck bed is a problem . what if you need a ladder rack or lumber rack or tool box how hard will it be to get mat's out of the bed of the suv because you cant really use it like a truck. cant reach into the side of the truck bed it makes it hard to pull thing out of the bed. need to make a work truck version for construction guys farmers cattle men . tool box cant reach it too many problems with the bed access and different racks needed that dont work with bed design
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    Think of how much harder it would be for someone to steal stuff out of your tool box...It's that former ready access that made that sort of thing possible and an all too frequent occurrence.

    I'm also sure that a ladder/lumber rack will fit with the automated tonneau cover fully retracted to allow for the placement of the rack's uprights on either side of the front bumper, and either side of the front and rear of the bed, just like any other roof rack.

    I think you're imagining obstacles where there aren't any.
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