One Million Electric Vehicles By 2015 - US DOE February 2011 Status Report

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DOE released a report today on the chances of 1M #EV's by 2015. Looks like its a real possibility...


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    DOE counts the GM Volt as an EV, contributing more than 500,000 to the projected 1,2 million EVs. Plus the Fisker PHEVs totaling beyond 200,000.
    In my opinion, you should talk about emission reduced cars here, but not EVs. Pure EVs total to 496,000 cars - a close miss to even half a million.

    Still, having all those PHEVs running around will give a push to things like charging infrastructure and independence from gasoline prices - and that's what counts in my eyes.
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    Agree - with todays gas prices, quit worrying about a made-up
    number of vehicles on the road by a certain time - that's useless when the real problem is charging stations that are situated on travel routes that can do level 3 and high voltage DC charging.
    So far this country has NO standards for charging. This is absurd - get on the ball, Feds, and stop spending money bribing
    people to buy electrics when you should be initiating standards.
    We have over 250 million vehicles on the road. Anyone who thinks a mere million electrics is going to affect anything, either gas consumption or emissions, is nuts and obviously isn't capable of simple math. We need many tens of millions of electrics.
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