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Thinking about swapping my X for a Cybertruck

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I keep looking at the options list for the Truck, and there’s stuff there I want that I just can’t get on my X.
Looking for opinions, pros/cons, etc. what do you guys think? I’ve got a couple years to make my mind up after all. ;)


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    I will be keeping my X, but I have no need for a truck.
    But I do think the CT looks like a beast
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    Maybe I should layout a few details.
    My X is a 6 seater 2017 100D. Has pretty much every upgrade expect PUP and the performance stuff. Towing, Winter pack, EAP, FSD, etc. Has AP 2.0, MCU1.
    I’d be looking at the top end Cybertruck, max range, towing, with specific focus on the solar upgrades for the tonneau cover.
    Depending on the final price for the truck, it will actually be less than I paid for my X. I might bleven be able to have it be a straight swap.
    I am a bachelor, so I don’t need 6 seats, but I wanted an EV that was noticeable so I could get the conversation about EVs started locally. Almost everything I do with my X, the Cybertruck can do better. From hauling cargo, to towing, to getting people’s attention and being badass by it’s specs.
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    I was wondering the same thing! That thing is a beast!
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    I'm thinking of swapping my 2019 Long Range MX (Raven, 5 seat) for the tri-motor Cbytrk. I absolutely love my Model X but it is primarily a people-hauler, and my wife and I don't haul many people very often. The space is great for road trips, but way more than we actually every need! The truck would offer a lot of capability that the X doesn't: true off-road, ability to haul 'dirty' loads, real towing capability, etc. 500+ mi range would get us a lot of places in AZ on the dirt backroads!
    So, I may be looking at trading the X for the tri-motor truck and taking the long interstate type road trips in our 2019 Model 3, which still has all the space we need.
    I'd miss the 'luxury' features of the X though, love that auto opening driver's door! I can get in and be moving in about 10 sec.
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    Can you keep both?
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    I never dreamed I’d want to buy a truck. And here I am seriously contemplating that Cybertruck. It’s the 500 mile range that’s really gotten my attention.

    On the other hand, if Tesla comes out with a Model S with 500 miles of range, I’d for sure go with that.
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    Just order it. You can cancel if you change your mind. I ordered the tri motor. 500+ range would be great!
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    lilbean, I did order the tri-motor. I could keep both, but a Model 3, a CYBRTRK and a Roadster would be perfect!!
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    @gwier001 That would be perfect!
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    I would ditch the X for that combo too!
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    I have ordered a TRI motor Cybertruck to replace my 2016 X90D for the following reasons;

    - Greater carrying capacity for my business
    - Longer range
    - Latest FSD technology
    - Better for towing than X
    - Much lower price than a long range X

    I will also keep my more modern 2018 X100D. I do love the model X and would not want to be without.
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    I’d love to be able to have both, but there are two obstacles to doing that.

    1) I’m an apartment dweller, so parking could be an issue. There’s also no real reason for one guy to have two cars IMHO.
    2) finances. I’m still financing my X, and I don’t think I can feasibly get it paid off before the CT is available. I definitely can not afford two car payments. Seems kinda silly to have the CT as my everyday car, and just use my X for showing off. :P
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    forgot to ask about ht dimensions of Cybertruck... my MX is wider and extremely tight for my current garage....
    worry the dimensions will be too large to fit inside of my garage
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    I had two cars. :) Two car payments is a bad idea, I agree. I hear the tires on the CT are $400 each.
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    Dimensions supposedly match the F-150 footprint.
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    I am doing that. My X is outdated and the updates are not current with older hardware. My X is in the shop a lot. FWD actuators and computer components are not as reliable as I had hoped and when the warranty is up, I will not be able to keep up with maintenance costs at this rate so the X is gone before the warranty is up regardless.

    The truck is the perfect replacement. It is more of an suv than the X. Tougher, longer range, new computer and screen, seats 6 much more comfortably, more towing capacity and more cargo space. Best of all, no FWD. it will get plenty of attention without them anyway. Oh and it is much quicker!.

    Please move up the production schedule. My warranty is not indefinite.
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    I ordered the CT the second that I saw it. Hope I get a good trade in as my Model X will be 5 years old by then.

    + on Bagzzz for move it up!
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    I’m currently waiting on the delivery of my first Tesla, a Model X to replace our family hauler. I’ve also ordered the tri-motor Cybertruck and I’m planning on having both at the house. The Cybertruck will hold all of us and allow for the more off-Road trips that the X just won’t do.

    I’m looking forward to more details on the Cybertruck as the solar panel tonneau cover sounds like a must have option. Still a couple of years away but definitely looking forward to not having to fight my wife for who gets to drive the EV.
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