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ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCING THIS. I have a MX RAVEN. I thought this issue was fixed. But obviously not. I received this message from the SC after sending them pics of the issue.

SC::::Hello SIR, thanks for the photo. Occasional condensation within exterior light lenses might be present in any vehicle due to changes in atmospheric conditions, and can be intermittent. Condensation is normal and will clear over time. The clearing process is accelerated when the lights are in dry, high temperature environments, and when the vehicle is moving. Certain environmental factors may increase the likelihood of normal condensation, such as a temperature drop at dusk or high humidity in the environment. LEDs produce very little heat at the lens surface, which can result in condensation remaining in place longer when compared to traditional bulb lights. We do not recommend any repairs at this time. Please reach out if the concern does not resolve itself, thank you.

MY RESPONSE::::I understand this. But why would this happen to one side and not the other. Both tail lights were subjected to the same conditions ie rain yesterday. But only one of them had increased amounts of condensation. I feel that something wasn't sealed properly in the assembly of the lights. I am requesting that this be rectified and not wait for this to happen again. There is no reason why this would happen to one side and not the other. I have read about this happening to other Teslas. So if I need to escalate this let me know. Thanks.


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    Condensation inside of a lamp housing is not normal and can lead to corrosion and lamp failure over time. I have had both rear (body attached) tail light assemblies replaced on my early 2017 MX (leaks occurred at different times). Condensation was most noticeable after washing the car and sunlight heated up one of the housings. I took a picture and submitted it with my service appointment. Replacement was made with no questions.
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    I’ve been hand washing my MX Raven since purchase. I’ve had the issue in my 2014 S. I have not noticed it in our 2018 M3 however. I’ll have to take a closer look. I suppose it’s the high power pressured water. I wonder if anyone who has only ever done hand wash has had this issue. I’m sure I’ll eventually end up at a car was with the MX, but it is frustrating to see the build up in the lens. :-(
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    If you are under warranty, I’d find another SC to get help on it if the one you’ve brought it up at is unwilling. I thinking an on-site visit can really change things at times. They really want folks happy leaving and feeling like everything has been addressed and taken care of. At least that’s my experience. It’s hard to say no when you’re standing in front of another human.
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    My MX has only been hand washed for almost 3 years so the condensation in my lamp housings was from normal hose spraying. My replacements were made without asking whether I had subjected the vehicle to high water pressure. It seems that different Service Centers assess the same issue differently.
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    Normal if only last for a short time. I think Tesla says 3 days. I’ve never had it last that long.
    Not normal if last longer than 3 days or never goes away.
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    Thanks for the feedback!
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